Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The weather is not kind.

Torrential rain, then hot burning sun. the weather does not like us. im sure of it.

And im done with weather forecasts too. It practically rains everyday now, predicting when it would or would not rain is like going out with Chris, you never know what to expect.

When i went out from my house to meet the guys at Parkway for cycling, it was already raining. Considered and discussed with Darren if we should just cancel the trip. Luckily, we didnt.

Reached Parkway Parade Mac and met the guys there. This was one of the smallest group we had so far, only 7 people turned up.

Chris was off to Bintan, and Wilson pang seh us just because he had a craving for Cai Tao Kuey. Ryan didnt feel like coming too, and Tiong Kiat was not free.

The only new person which came was YeeLim, or Beaver, which is a much nicer name imo.lol

Waited out the rain and got further proof that Graeme is retarded. Joseph survived Jia Qings remorse and Billy was wearing the same pants as yesterday, or the day before, or the previous trip. According to JQ he has only one pair of pants to wear...lol

Moved on to rent the bikes from the usual store and cycled at a leisurely pace of 17.

Darren did some stupid thing and nearly made Gabriel fall (and he was not supposed to do sports for 2 months..)

Split off with Darren and Graeme at the 8km long stretch of straight road and cycled at around 30km/h. Darren led for about 4km +, then we switched and i moved infront to break the wind. (slipstreaming actually works.. as in following a person close behind, which allows you to use less effort as you have less wind resistance).

Led for the rest and stopped 500m short of the end. I was dead tired. The wind was against us and i felt like i had ran 300m+ flat out. Graeme and Uriah caught up a short while later and then we cycled slowly and waited for the rest.

I was surprised at how fast we covered that 8km there, and it ended before we knew it.

Ate at Changi Village as usual, and we made a decision to take the bedok park connector back instead, as gabriel and uriah needed to post something to TP, which was at Bedok Reservoir.

It was really a good idea too, and it was mostly downhill, contrary to what we thought at first. At one point i was going at 48.8km/h down some slope, which was really fast, considering on a straight and level road i can only manage a max of 42km/h.

Also nearly crashed into Uriah at one of the downhill runs. was cycling really fast and did not have time to siam. I was quite sure i locked my front brakes, as i rmb seeing the tread on the front wheel being stationary for a fraction of a second.. but luckily did not flip as the wheel skidded instead. phew.

the sun was out in full force and it got really hot. Reached TP and waited for Gab and Uriah to do their thing. TP's has a really nice architecture, and a really nice garden too. im slightly jealous..haha.

Parted with Uriah there as he lived in Tampines, and we followed the park connector back to East coast.

Im surprised Joseph kept up with us the whole time, as they covered a slightly longer distance at 48.something km. Beaver somewhat kept up too..lol

Wondering why there were no photos? I dint bring my camera! lol, and im really happy i dint bring it, as this was one of the more relaxing trips compared to others..

Could also be due to the fact that i did not lend anyone my other bike this time, so there is less hassle.

Anyway, the reason i did not bring my camera was because it was already raining when i started out, so i couldnt be bothered to waterproof my camera and stuff again.

So since there are no photos of the trip, i will post the other photos that i have taken today, as the sky was really nice and the sun was too...

Lovely sun, which just went below the buildings. It was brighter, but i underexposed the image so that the blocks just becomes silhouettes in the sun. Was shot through my door, explaining the "photoframe"

The sun reflected off my front door, which gets mirrored by the mirror on the opposite side, which then shown the orange light into the bedroom.

my sisters messy table..haha

I got off my lazy ass and opened the door. Took this picture at my corridor..

The sun was really low now.

attached my polariser filter which made this picture bluer. The clouds look fake as they are somewhat illuminated from below instead of the usual.

And some photos i missed out, which was taken during the milk party..

Gabriel gives a thumbs up for the blue vibrating dillow.

Wilson gives it a try... and tries to describe what he was feeling with the dillow stuffed up in his nether regions.


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