Sunday, March 1, 2009

blah blah yada yada. past 2 days crap lar part 4/3

Well the reason this is part 4/3 is because this event is also posted late. As in very late. This happened on Friday...

The guys are supposed to stay over on Friday at Wilsons house as usual. But i got bored and decided not to, as there are no new people and we would be doing the same thing over and over again. So yeah, did not stay.

However they were still playing basketball so I decided to join them.

Before that though, Billy and Jia Qing came to my house for the first time, and we play L4D over Lan in my house. Took some pictures there as usual, then we left for Sungei Road as JQ wanted to look for his rifle scope.

This is a cool shot, it looks like billys in the mirror.. hahaha. yup i look stupid with the flash.

"Never mind whawt" them doing an impression of Mr Thodey..haha (aww, i somewhat miss english classes now..hahah)

Totally wasted our time there as there were nothing much there, just the same old stuff that we saw weeks ago. So we walked a long distance to Little India MRT station and took a train to Serangoon.

At serangoon station, i like the way the wideangle lens makes the roof look nice..

I try to do a repeat of wilsons photo.. but totally fail.

Wilsons "save the children" poster face. muahaha.. im evil to even reupload it.. (it was taken quite long ago..)

took a picture of JQ, billy, and myself.. (wideangle makes self portraits a lot easier)

Walked to the basketball court and played for bout 2 hrs, before we split and that was the end of the day.

Short and sweet this post, as im too lazy to elaborate on things.

We try to sneak up on them, but totally gave us away when i started talking.. gah

Yeahh.. well, for some reason everyone started stripping..

Graeme spots that and dons his commando beret.

Chris and Darren gays..

Then Chris plays with air.

"so when are we playing basketball?"

We finally play, and we realise Billy is quite a good player!

And that Wilson likes to do weird dances...

And pretend hes an aeroplane...

Nice try of the shot by Gabriel. Would have been better if the picture was taken vertically, not horizontally, but yeah, he only had one hand to work the camera with so, good try still.

Chris was originally playing well.. so was Jia Liang (nice shot btw)

But after seeing wilson do a sexy pose... (i dont know why but this shot reminds me of the michelin tyres mascot)

and seeing me trying to lick JQ,

and seeing gram starting a sexay parteh..

And gabriel hooking dong away..

Chris wants to have fun too, and goes to try Jia Liang...

Doesnt get enough, then runs over to wilson...

Chases the ball (while dong stalks chris..)

Drags graeme away while we were not looking...

Chases perry but fails.

And sits on the floor, defeated...

Or is the floor his next victim...hmmm

After exhausting his search for organic objects around him, he goes on to woo inanimate objects.

Then finally gets tired with his slippers...

Wilson tries a move on me but fails..

lol, Look at JQ compared to perry...

We finally got tired and went home. i went off with billy and JQ

Oh yeah, like 90% of the photos taken during basketball were taken by Gabriel, due to his inability to play Bball with his arm injured, so he took over photographers duty on that day. Kudos to him.

The other 10% are taken by random people.. as i did not touch the camera at all during basketball. what a nice change.

maybe i understand why lots of vigra advertisers come to my blog liao. it must be those totally suggestive captions that i give on my pictures.

solution? screw the captions? nah! never! it will just turn my blog into another of those "hey look, im soo cool, i got a camera and i got friends" blog. noo, and i think storytelling is fun..

Change the story? hahah, like stop writing gay captions? ill try. but its hard.
like, say so how do u caption the above in a non gay way? like say "chris suddenly turns ninja after seeing bad guys congregate on the floor, and after seeing some one stick his tongue out in exhaustion. he goes on to kidnap various people, which also includes the basketball net pole. then he is exhausted as his ninja slippers broke".

That wouldnt work right.


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