Friday, March 27, 2009

Further Updates to Come.

i know the updates are coming slowly these few days. But really, there is nothing much going on these few days for me. Dont expect much updates for the next week too, as i will be out for this orientation camp out to st johns island.

But before that, today im going to school to find the bookshop auntie to disturb her. haha. yeah, then meeting up with Jia Qing and his friends there to do some weird stuff too. Jia Qing is bringing his AK, which has been pimped up with weights to make it weigh like the real thing, and he has also installed some kind of spring lever to simulate the cocking action of the real gun.

Furthermore he has painted it so that it looks more realistic than the plasticky toy we have been seeing the last time. I look forward to seeing that.

After that im going to have a stayover at wilsons house. Not bringing my laptop as the next morning Chris and I are following Gabriel to his church walk thing around ACSi or something like that.

Cant wait to ruin his reputation with his friends. Haha just kidding. According to him hes a totally different person at church, compared to when hes with us. Hes all clean and innocent like the little kids that havnt been to MSHS yet. Haha. Would be really weird then, if only Chris and I behave like ourselves and the rest of them are all so "clean".

Looking forward to that too. yup.

Wont be bringing my Laptop though, so no updates tonight and tmr.

So what have i been doing these past few days? Wasting my time on skype with Gabriel and Jia Qing, and the occasional people that come online on skype.

Last night we were like "prank calling" people. The plan was to call random people we know on skype, and when they answer me and gabriel would seem to them to be having some really gay party.

It kinda of failed, as people who were online were mostly afk. So while the "phone" rang, we would be creating the illusion of a gay party. So gabriel would play some really gay song on the guitar and i would be singing and breathing down the mike like some hunky man would do to graeme.

It was really weird as nobody was picking up and it was essentially just me and gabriel in the call doing weird stuff. hahahaha. so it really felt totally gay.

Earth hour is on on saturday 8.30pm, i totally support it, though its a bit weird to tell my father to support it too, as he believes that global warming is a conspiracy just to control us all.

Conspiracies aside, i would be totally cycling down to the same place that i took pictures of the Singapore flyer just to take pictures of the CBD area during the earth hour.

After that, i would have more photos to deal with again.

I plan to put out about 3 more blog post later, once i finish sorting the photo. One about the stayover at Wilsons house (yes again), and after that a post about the F1 qualifying results and then about the earth hour later.

And yes, this post was supposed to be posted yesterday, but i did not manage to finish this post in time so i completed it today instead.


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