Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today, at 1500ft above Singapore.

Today's my first time in the cockpit of a plane, while it was flying.

I love it.

I love every single bit of my flight. cept the fact that i dint get to fly it, and that it was really hot in the plane. And of course, that lightning clouds cut our flight short.

But first, to the start of the day....

Woke up at an amazingly early time of 7.10am. Recieved tons of sms from yesterday, at 1+am.. replied them and waited for Joseph to arrive.

It started to rain and the rain only got heavier. Joseph finally arrived late (as usual) and we contemplated riding in the rain.

The plan today, was to crash NYJC's cross country at East Coast. But the rain dampened our moods.

Somehow, we managed to catch a ride (with our bikes) from my moms friend, which was really nice of him.. dropped us off at C1 carpark at East Coast. Sadly, when we were there, we could see tons of people going home. Apparently, NYJC canceled their cross country because of the rain.. sigh.

We decided to go on anyway, (it has stopped raining already) and while wading through the sea of people, i met Lawrence and Ka Shing.

Lawerence was like "eh ming yang, you all do a lot of weird things one right..". Hahah, yup. weird things. I love holidays. They are NOT boring.. that is, if you have lots of activity (which does not include watching movies and Laning..)

Said bye to them and cycled along further.. Met some dude that i know but dont know his name (and he tried to push joseph off the bike, but failed). then met Catherine (pri sch) and Homo along the way, and Hao Qi too.

Met Andre first, and managed to get him to cycle with us later.. then found Ben Chua and his friend, which i cant rmb the name..

Took a few photos, "raced" Ben Chua (he went up to 27km/h running). told BC that he suck. hahahh.

Joseph checking out her behind...

Totally gets caught, as he tries to distance himself from it.. (nah. its josephs friend lah)

EY its BEN CHUA! Ben Chua SUCKS! (lol, since sec 1...rmb? ahhh.. precious memories of sec 1..)

Joseph calls Andre..

Josephs slippers broke, so i got him two rubberbands to tie his slippers to his leg..hahah

Joe, too embarrassed to go into mac dragging his slippers.. or barefooted. reason "cuz theres girls inside" -_- like anyone wants to pick him up..

Bootstrap slippers.. literally

he looks stupid with those spoiled slippers

Wasted time trying to find Andre, finally got him and we rented a bike, cycling to the food center there before turning back as there was a biathlon going on..

On the way back, we were daring Joseph to call out to the random girls and ask them for their number.. He Chickened out.. sigh.

Joseph checking out this dude...

Joseph checked out that dude..

Joseph totally eying this dude...

Joseph gasps in excitement at the group of dudes..

Joseph checks out Andre.. (unfortunately.. this is the only shot of andre as other shots were ruined as i was experimenting with some low shutter speed thing..sigh. sorry)

Joseph proves that he is bisexual..

and tries to get their numbers... sigh. totally desperate lah.

Parted with a tired Andre at the other end of east coast, where Joe and I went back to my house...

While going around a somewhat tight corner, i fully expected Joseph to overshoot into the fence. Surprisingly, he did'nt. Instead, he fell down just before that corner. Lol. totally retarded.
Scrapped his knee, which i pitied him on, as it will be a stupid nusience for 2 or more weeks.. with it pussing and all that crap. Yup

Finally Reached home, cut some aloe vera (i got tons outside my house..) and got him to wash his knee and apply all the crap.

Remember the previous time he injured himself cycling? He asked me when i gave him a tube of Dettol "will it hurt". I was like "noo..." he applies some and moans in pain.

The exact thing happened again at my house... hahaha.

After applying Dettol, i gave Joe some Aloe to paste it on his wound. He asked "will pain not" . of course, i said no. hahah. *joseph moans in pain again*. Funny how he kept trusting me in this type of things...

Joseph and his wound..

And the girly slippers that i lent him..hahah

Lent him some Girly slippers i found and he went off to Tiong Barhu while i prepared to go to Seletar Airport.

Reason im going there is because i signed up for this SYFC thing, that would enrol me in a course that would help me get a Private Pilots License. FREE. Good deal right, further more, i love flying. so i immediately signed up. Anyway, got accepted (of course, pending medical) and today im scheduled for a ride on their planes!

Got there in time thx to my moms friend again, and caught up with the guys i met earlier during the interview. Met another person who was going to SP Aero Engineering, cool.

Anyway, watched some briefing, which was really just some corny video showing you the various procedures of aircraft operations or something. Walked around the hanger and the whole place.. before getting our headphones and puke bags and heading off to our plane.

Our Pilot was some middle aged dude, who was some what eccentric. as in, he talked to himself and laughed at his own jokes.. ok. hes mildly eccentric lah, dint really do the weird stuff all the time.

Taxied onto the runway (with our door still open.. as it was really hot) and the cool thing was, the runway was not level. as in, there is a slight "hill" in the runway..

Took off, and turbulence hit us fast. The only thing different from taking the plane is that you have a huge view of the surroundings, the noise the engine makes in really nice, you can really feel the control input of the pilot (lots of jostling about. not like on a commercial plane).you really feel the turbulence, and that it is much more maneuverable than a normal plane.. thus the jostling.

Flew up there, and i cant describe how nice it is. We were around 200ft higher than the highest building in Singapore, and were flying around the various polytechnics. Then flew over Sentosa and "wagged" our wings. Our flight was cut short because of an incoming thunder storm and we could really see it approaching from malaysia.

Up there it was really nice. even nicer than trekking around new places. From above, you can see all. furthermore, we were flying quite slowly (compared to a jet) and really low. so you can see lots of detail.

Its just impossible to describe how nice it is.. Pictures, will only tell you about 70%. It is no where near what you would see in google earth.. Unfortunately, i have no pictures avaliable for you readers.

Awwww. yup, and i might never have pictures taken from up there, maybe until i get my Private Pilots Licence and rent my own plane.

Rules are rules.. sigh. And believe me i tried. I called them out and asked "can i bring passengers?" "NO" "then can i bring a camera" "NO".

Sian. oh well. cant do nothing then..

gotta stop thinking of you.



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