Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Canon/Nikon Porn

You'll understand.

Yup, if you had that, you would have found a match to the time it takes for your girlfriend to change.

a comparison of the 1200mm lens to the 800mm lens. mind you, mines only 200mm. check out how small the camera looks in this picture.

the canon lenses lineup.

Clement responds with Nikon Porn.

first up, with a 6mm fisheye lens. Guess what, it costs 38k USD. fuck.

it has a field of view of 220 degrees. That means it essentially captures whats BEHIND the lens.

the nikon lens line up.

and a picture of a man. (you can become very fit just by carrying around that much equipment)

and a 2mil USD lens. it ranges at 1600mm.

Then we move on to other formats..

like THIS 60.5 megapixel camera for industrial usage.

So there you have it. Essentially, camera porn. Certainly more interesting to photographers than real porn. Yup.

Lol, muz thank JQ, for introducing this thread that showed the first few lenses, which perked my attention, then clement, for opening my eyes about the awesome arsenal of lenses nikon has (though canon is still BETTER >:D). what a fun day.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Random vids.

Well, i've always wanted to post funny stuff i see on the net here on this blog, but havnt gotten around to do so.

However, since im kinda of slacking now, ill decide to post some of the funnies here.

So here goes.

Answer Fail

Some funny thai ad for yellow pages.

Some dutch insurance commercial.

The one i saw on Dong's blog. really funny.

lol. i like the second advert in this vid.

Hahah, well so these are the funnies.

still have more but am too lazy once again. haha so enjoy the first vids on my blog!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tall and Skanky.

Started today off with Electrical tech presentation about transformers. Jumped at the chance to go first since everyone would be doing the same topic, for 7 times.

Turned out to be the wrong choice though, as the teacher surprised us with 2 questions. tsk.

So the other groups took their turns and he also asked several questions. All of us werent expecting answers from "hum sup". Tsk.

Probably screwed that up anyway, though at least i have gotten full marks for all the written and practical things so far, so shouldnt hurt that much.

Finished the class, then played solitaire throughout e material lesson before having lunch at Koufu, then leaving for the ONOW trip to pulau tekong to the BMTC(basic military training camp).

Walked about learning about the training and equipment, food, facilities and stuff like that.

To tell you the truth, it looked quite comfy there, even the camps at st john island were worse than what was in this camp.
Tried army rations too. The snacks were great (i mean really nice. like oreo. ok maybe a little less nice. tasted like tasty protein biscuits.- you know, the one lewis eats while he pumps iron). the main meals taste like mshs canteen food. Not that bad, but assuming that you were going to eat that for 2 years, well, its still bearable. i was in mshs for 4 years.

The bunks were also big. i'd swap the army bunk for where im sleeping now lah. i dont even have a designated cupboard at home, the air con is rarely on, and my "sleep area" is the same as what is in the army. plus the bunks had mattresses as thick as what mattresses are supposed to be like.

The fitness test stations are state of the art. situps are counted by some machine, so is shuttle run, 2.4, pull ups. those junk. all machine and electronic cards. Too bad, you cant cheat now. but wth, to pass pull ups you only need to do 6.

bmtc is not as daunting as it seems anymore, and i look forward to it somewhat, not because i enjoy long marches and tough training, but mostly because after that id get to play with live ordnance later on. :D

Dont mind getting buff in the process of that. Furthermore i regard the 2 plus years in the military as some sort of a long outdoor adventure. and as you can see, im more of an outdoor type, so i guess, wont be too sad to leave the distraction of facebook for 2 years. maybe after that i would learn to spend my time more wisely with the time taken up by facebook. (doesnt everyone want that).

Anyway, got dropped at expo and went back home without much incident.
Tmr is CRS presentation for the other grps, so maybe ill post some pictures here later in the day!

Yup, the title doesnt have any relevance to the post at all.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The good Saturday.

My mom got some free tickets to the show "GI.JOE" so we went there in the morning to watch it.

So heres another rare movie review (since i rarely watch movies) for you guys. (of course, with as little spoilers as possible)


Knew it was a stupid movie before i even watched it. Though the action in the trailers were actually quite nice. Reviews have also put a better than average rating on this show, so i decided to give this show some of my patiences.

Not going to give a rating on this show though, im just gonna tell you whats stupid and whats not. Numbers are really subjective and hard to be consistent in.

Anyway, the "plot" (no spoilers) of the show is that GI.JOE is not some mexican dude but is actually some special forces group, which 2 of the main characters managed to join after showing their skills (and they instantly become the best gi.joe) This 1 joe knows the "bad girl" in the show, thus gets some strings pulled to join the elite grp. And they are out to stop the bad guys from using this new weapon on the world. blah blah blah, very basic template. Intro action, intro characters, more action, guy trying to get girl, complication, reaction, a really really lousy twist in plot,guy gets girl then a lousy ending.

Of course, there are always girls in the show, bad evil geniuses that have scarred face and breathing apparatus. the whole usual junk.

The story of the show could have even been made up by some pri 6 dude. It is just there to fit the characters, location and action.

To summaries, the action is good, but the story is riddled with inconsistency and ridicule, same can be said of the characters. One part of the show even saw the bad "ninja" running around with what looked like a green squirt gun which is supposed to be the damn weapon of mass destruction. Yes a damn ninja. wtf. Lets not even talk about basic physics this stupid show does nt obey. hello? Ice float and mini subs do not fight each other with the agility of planes. Balistic missiles fly straight and true. And a part where there was supposed to be tension was caused just because of the difference of language.its like watching batman having sex with the joker with "exciting" music, and its supposed to make you feel like there is some crisis going on. (ok maybe my example isnt really a good one. lol)

Anyway, watch this movie for the action, and maybe the girls. But just be totally ignorant when it comes to the story or its many inconsistencies, and youll enjoy this movie quite well.

This show is made for people who do not like to think about the story, or whats going to happen next, during the show.

Moving on, we ate at astons before going down to the newly opened swee lee at katong. Since they were having a 44% discount if you bought 2k worth of stuff in a single reciept, we decided to go and check stuff out.

Returned with much more than i wanted. Oh man i feel so spoilt.

its kinda of obvious.
more and more obvious.
Yup. oh man how am i going to make it up to my mom...
the amp.

Yeah, i must have the best mom in the world man.

I vow not to buy anything related to my hobbies anymore... i feel so sinful. =( =D

Daisy's 17th Birthday

Woke up later than usual that day, as it was a friday, and there were useless lectures going on. Someone smsed me that Daisy did come to school, so i planned to get some cake on the way to school but scrapped the plan as no cake shop opened at 8am.

Lesson ended really quickly (as i managed to skip 40 mins of it, plus it ended early), so me and Aric went to Bang Delhi at fc 5 to get some cake.

Took some time disputing over 2 cakes that had a banana sweet in it, before we decided on another cake without a banana. hahah.

Paid 13 bucks, then left for koufu where the rest of the class was. We originally planned to celebrate her birthday at level 5 lift lobby but then Wei Jun told us that she was going home already.

So we told him to delay her and we somewhat rushed to fc 5. Was at the entrance lighting candles when Daisy walked around the corner and caught us with our pants down (and no. we still had our pants on.)

Got her back to where she was originally sitting and then blamed everything on Boaz, who was supposed to delay her until the cake came. Tsk. hahah.

Anyway, here are the pictures again..

"wtf. damn u la baoz." in the fast way that Aric talks.

yup, baoz is the black dude that is chinese. hahah.
Daisy and a bao.
and lewis's Big package.
"oooo nasty" - in the somewhat gay way baoz talks.
lol, the reason there was a bao there was because we intended to give her the bao first, then while we were celebrating with the bao someone would bring the real cake from behind. (woah cake from behind. sounds wrong)
now daisy has 2 cakes.
yeah, we sang moderately loud. too bad the place was empty.
Ives sang a personal song too..
blowing the candles. probablly have to blow many others during the course of the day. nasty.
cutting the bao.
then the cake.
some grp photo (i think 5 ppl was missing frm this)
then forcing boaz to eat some bao.
with everyone totally ignoring daisy. haha
yup. though both have the same sounding name, and are also as annoying, but they have contrasting colours.
then they proceeded to burn my hair. tsk.
haha, this was so epicly unglam that i just HAD to post it. i look so china boy going like "Fiah?!"
lewis spins some ball (probablly spins some balls at the gym too.)
nat uses the wonders of camera tricks to make him look like he succeeded in doing the ball spin thing.
while Aric wastes away the remaining matches that were not used to burn my hair.
and gets licked by the resulting flames.
then we went to play with Jeremys bicycle cards
lol and gets it from behind from jeremy. (lol he was still shooting off cards while being banged, well at least thats better than shooting off something else when being banged.)
Well this should have been hectors ass crack but since he wasnt here, lewis was quite a good candidate. yes. there was a 5 cent coin in his pants. too bad it missed somewhat.

Anyway. Happy Birthday Daisy.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Small update.

Had a not so normal day today. Wore office clothes to school as i had this CRS(Critical Reasoning Skills) presentation up today. Teamed with one of the worst teams possible to be teamed with, haha with both slackers Farid and Lewis. Though it turned out Lewis was a bigger slacker than Farid and Farid wasnt as slack as i would have thought.

Train service got slowed and was late for school for 20 mins. Didnt mind that at all since cprogramming was boring. What i was nervous about was the fact that we had not even finished our presentation slides yet. Hahah, total last min job.

Presentation wasnt really bad, though everyone stammered a bit too. And whats up with people asking questions not related to the topic at all.

Brought my camera today too, and soon enough, people started using a particular word and the counter started clicking (Inside joke).

Yup, i'd say im more of an expert on finding entertainment on the net though... :D
Clement turning into a Joel.
camhore with the other group presenting.
they said that i looked like some old man in this outfit. tsk.
playing cards to burn off the 2 hr break.
playing lame miniclip games.
Wei Jun is not as guai a kia as i thought.
well, yeah.. thats lewis.
thats the class..
thats hongYi doing some weird dance. (check out Zhank Kun in both pictures [the guy in white], how does he sleep like that)
yup, people rarely pay any attention. and this is a diploma plus class. feels like MSHS all over again.
like mshs too, gay dudes posing for gay magazines.

After class, we went to koufu to eat, then later, me, Farid and Clement(my classes clement) went to FC 6 as we were bored. Wearing our "Camouflage", we walked around checking girls out until we got lost and had to circle the place 3 times before we got our bearings. Lol, its damn obvious these chee kok peks arnt frm business school lah. hahah. feeling like loosers, we went back to our natural environment in the all guys engineering school where we later had our math lessons.

Tomorrows thermofluids lecture and E materials, and as much as i like e materials, its hard to resist the urge to pon both of them useless lectures. damn.
taken today. missed the beautiful sun while i was scrambling to get my camera. tsk.
shot this the day before. didnt really like the composition as the flower was too tall so i could not get more building into the picture.
FYI this is actually the flower of an aloe Vera plant. Yes, they do have flowers.

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