Friday, March 6, 2009

Chris is a Gangster


Started the day by going to the Singapore Poly Diploma Plus Briefing. Totally wasted my time there. All they told us that we dont already know was the entry requirements for the Diploma Plus program. pfffttt. wasted my frikin time. (not to mention money for transportation too)

Anyway, im only assigned a course, which is Engineering Math and Science.

Entry Requirements? they are different for every diploma plus course (only certain courses are available to certian courses, for example, business courses are not offered my course)

For my couse, points is less than 12 (l1b4)
Both math must be grade A
Science must be b3 or better.


Contemplated going over to Joo Koon Station (the new station.. green line extention) but it would take too long as i was supposed to meet Ryan at serangoon mrt. at 12.50 to play bball.

Played Bball with Chris, Wilson and Graeme. Darren got koped my Dara, and Gabriel has a crack in his elbow or smthing. :( (sad lar. he cant do any sports for 2 mths..sigh)

Had a sluggish game.. and had a long streak of 3 pointers before everyone succumbed to the heat.

Then while everyone rested in the shade, ryan was trying to get his game back by playing abc.. took a super long time as he kept missing.. lol.

Went to wilson house to play poker, before me and ryan left to go home. (ryan went to jam). so thats all..


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