Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Cameras Gone! :(

Today is a really busy day, and a rather sad day too.

Weird thing in the morning, i let the tap run today, and realised that the water had a brownish tint to it.. weird.

In the morning, i went for dental to check on the retainers.

oh yeah, and on the way there, i took this train, which the buzzer and the anouncements were spoilt, so the driver had to read the names of the station thru the on a plane.. hahah. oh yea, he was also driving the train manually.hmm..

Asked the dentist why we needed retainers, as i prefered braces more.

Fact is, the braces must be replaced by retainers as the braces exert a pressure on the teeth, which is not good as the teeth is already in a good position, and any pressure would move them out of position again, which is where the retainers come in, as it does not exert any pressure at all.

Yup, then she rubbed fluorite on my teeth after polishing it and it made my stomach churn.

(and shit, as i type this blog, im listening to Joseph watch captain planet on youtube. woah)

Took a train down to orchard to do the medical. Which was a funny sight lar. (too bad i did not have my camera with me). There were many Poly students there taking their medical, so when i first open the door, there was a frenzy of activity of people moving around with half full cups filled with you know what. Cool.

(lol and from my skype convo, i assume that Joe is watching porn, then he was suddenly like "Wa fuck why got old man one!?" lol! im nt sure if hes really watching or hes like just going on his random rampage of noise making.. hahah i love skype man!)

I happily contemplated tripping one unlucky person from the constant stream of people coming from the toilet. but naw, im not that evil :P

Anyway, did my run too, did the x-ray, and was done in less than an hour. Went to the nearby sakura to have a buffet, then walked off to shop for some office clothes, and collared t-shirt, and office pants. then bought a surfers paradise Bermuda before going off to vivo city.

Went to the Canon Service center and gave them my camera. They told me that it would take 5 working days to repair the shutter button and it would cost $125 excluding gst. Fack. Anyway, i found out too, that the previous owner of my camera (rmb mine was second hand, except the lenses). She was one Alice Chong. Cool.

Yup anyway, left my camera there.. sigh and no photos for 5 long days! shit.

Anyway, we then walked around vivo but i dint really like the clothes around there, and got too tired as i dont really like shopping. lol. so ended up at marche and ate some random sauce. then went back wasted and listening to Joseph on skype doing random stuff..hahah

(turns out Joe was actually stalking people on facebook, not watching porn..hmmm)


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