Sunday, March 29, 2009

Australia GP 2009!

Free Practice was exciting, Qualifying was superb, so was the race!

A really good start to the F1 Season today. Exciting result and races throughout.

Qualifying showed that the newest team, Brawn GP was way ahead of the field. The managed first and second even though they were heavier with more fuel on their cars than the rest of the other cars on the grid. Ferrari was dissapointing while Mclaren were no surprise, being at the back of the grid.

The toyotas got a penalty before the start of the race, moving them down to 19th and 20th at the back of the grid to start. So Ferrari moved up to 6th and 7th.

The race starts and the ferraris made a good start, with both cars moving up 2 positions, most probablly due to KERS (some extra electric engine thingi that im too lazy to explain here) and Rubens (brawn gp) made a really bad start and moved from 2nd to somewhere in the middle of the pack of race cars, and even caused an accident with 2 cars at the first turn. tsk.

Im not going to type out the whole race here, but the Ferraris failed to finish the race in the end, due to some mechinical failure and damage from a spin. Robert K and Vettel spun each other out while fighting for 2nd (at the last few laps summmore) thus letting Rubens (which did not really drive well, its just that the car was really really good) get 2nd. Jarno from Toyota managed to grab 3rd from starting 19th on the grid. A really good drive from him. Hamilton finished a good 4th place with the slow Mclaren.

Im not sure if the new rules that was made to help increase overtaking worked though, as it seemed quite difficult to overtake another car still. But the radical design changes surely leveled the field a lot, thus you see lots of new teams fighting for the win.

I expect Malaysia to throw up lots of fighting for 2nd and 3rd places. 1st of course, is given to a Brawn GP car. They are easily the fastest cars on the grid, but Rubens is a bit too rusty already and i dont expect him to be so lucky in Malaysia.

Expect Vettel and Robert K up there again, not to mention the two toyotas. Ferraris will be there too as they were dominant in Malaysia last year, but i dont expect them to win.

Cant wait for the next race to start, oh this season will be super!


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