Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Squids "class outing"..

So today i went cycling again, but with a different group of people this time round.

The sky was really clear and blue, and i didnt regret bringing it along at all!

Took a few pictures as i cycled to East Coast Park to meet Keith (or squid, which for some reason people call him that) which i shall post some here.

Sam tat building..hahah Pictures a bit "soft"

Blue skies all over! i wish i had my polariser filter with me...

The indoor stadium.

East Coast Park, the part where many have never seen...

freehanding to take this photo.

Did not take as much as i would like as i was running late.

Met Keith at East Coasts Mac and met his friends, which surprised me as i was expecting to see some familiar faces.

Turns out that Squid had brought his JC friends instead. Totally did not know all of them, except Jia Min, which was my old primary school friend..

The reason i was at their class outing was becuase i was supposed to be their "guide" for this outing, as Squid was not really clear on the route that he was planning on going.

I agreed to go with them as well, instead of just telling Squid the directions. Did not really mind going to their class outing as i usually went to their class in mshs and disturbed Daniel. Yes i was expecting to see Marists, not his new classmates..haha

So it was really weird for me to be with like 13 complete strangers. Took some photos for them anyway, which im supposed to post to facebook later but am too lazy right now.

The whole group that was supposed to go all the way to Changi Village.. Squid is to the far left..


We set off and immediately the group split up because the front was going too fast and the rest were slow or had problems with their bikes. Reached Bedok Jetty chatting with this guy on the way, which used to cycle too, then doubled back because Keith and his friends had a spoiled tandem bike.

Cycled both bikes back to the shop, which was really difficult as the tandem was really heavy. got everything sorted and cycled with them to the end of East Coast, where the rest of the group was waiting.

The guy which i talked most to, he used to cycle a lot. He tried to join syfc too, but failed the strict medical..hmmm.

We continued on and the group spread out again. Was at the front with Kieth so did not know what happened to the people at the back. Reached Changi Village and realised that only a total of 6 ppl made it there. The rest turned back as it was too far for them and stuff.

The start of the straight road along changi airport runway..

wasted people cycling past..haha

Keith and the black shirt guy (cant rmb all their names lah) switched with each other constantly as the tandem was really tiring to cycle..

Bought like 3 lemon teas from the nearby shops (for some reason i really like lemon tea), then took some pictures and left for the new route.

Keith is not happy when he hears that the others turned back..

so to get him to cheer up, he gets some cheese...

Only seven people reached Changi Village. (Put my camera on timer mode for this shot, angled up on the chair down there..)

The route we took was supposed to cut away the part where we go to Pasir Ris park, so it was shorter. The tandem was giving lots of problems and it was getting really late. The guy which was on the tandem (as he didnt have any cycling experience) left us as the tandem was (ironically) really difficult to ride with 2 people on it.

helping them camwhore while waiting for the tandem to catch up with us...haha


more downhill!!

And we visit lots of places that i havnt seen before.. (we took another route instead of the usual one i take with the guys)

We then continued and once again i got the role of being the tail end charlie. Squid was leading in the tandem and following the map, and was also constantly worrying of getting lost, so we spent lots of time at road intersections getting our positions right.

Finally reached bedok when it started to get dark, and squid and the other girl really needed to go home quick as their parents were nagging at them for being 2 hrs overdue.

We cycled until it got really late..

Like totally wasted lar. (dint take much wasted photos as doing montages of wasted people isint really nice if i dont really know them..hahaha)

Totally wasted too, like the bangalas in the truck behind..

Eventually we reached east coast and it was already dark, but nonetheless we arrived at the bike rental shop and i parted with a really wasted bunch of people..

Really nice sky here, taken above the highway on the overhead bridge..

Its one of the more fun cycling trips than ive been to, for some reason.. and im surprised the two girls managed to keep quite a good speed. (lol joseph should be embarrassed, how to chaise girls if youre going so slow?)

Squid left his ic at the bike rental (and for some reason a lot of people keep forgetting to get their ic's back from the bike rentals) and if im going cycling again tmr i'd have to collect it for him..sigh


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