Wednesday, October 13, 2010

China Day 27 - Hectic

Its close to the end of my OITP and im so looking forward to going back. I'd miss a little more things here that i initially said i would miss though.

The Shopping, i love the variety, The food/healthy breakfast, I like how without fail, i would eat eggs and watermelon everyday. Especially watermellon, i have it almost every meal. The Ice cream from the cafeteria. I love the fact that it is free flow.
The good, non humid conditions, I hadnt had a flu since getting off the plane.

I'd miss all of that.

But nonetheless, these are not everything.. I cant wait to get back to my loved ones. I cant wait to see the familiar faces again.

Well, i know i havnt been blogging much, Its because im too busy shopping, or too busy resting. Its mind boggling to write a blog when youre knackered from a whole day in school then lots of shopping, its just nicer to sit infront of the computer, and absorb information rather than tell it.

But the days are ending soon and i only have so little time to shop, so i guess, ill have to go on shopping marathons already.. god, i hate staying so far from the city..

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary Love

I'd like to say, that today, this day of the month, on the 9th, its a special day. Its a special day, because it marks another month I share this special connection with another person.

I love you Sharlene. I miss you with all my heart, and i cant wait to get home..

For now, ill just pretend you were here, and all would be well :)


Monday, October 4, 2010

China Day 14 - Wasted day

I slept till 12 today.. tried to wake up for breakfast but didnt want to get out of the really warm bed. Tried to get up to put in the laundry but didnt want to move away from the bed.

So i slept till twelve. and boy, i love it.

2 Weeks have actually gone. Like seeriously. Im still intact, and infact, the time is passing quite quickly.

The things i've grown fond of here are the barbequed lamb, the variety in the shopping stuff, the weather, and playing soccer. Practical lessons too.

Otherwise. Bleah. nah, im not coming here again..

Today my group of 7 people ventured into the wilderness to look for lamb sticks. and lamb sticks did we find.

Bleah, im lazy to continue a witty blog post, so youre stuck here with my factual boring "history lecture"-esque story of what i did today.

We found food, firstly, the Lamb sticks that im so fond of. If i didnt tell you before, its one of the best food here. Or not, THE BEST. (i havnt tried the damn duck tho, which is still sitting in my fridge as we contemplate how to eat it properly)

Anyway, then we split into small groups and shopped. Till 3, before we sat and ate (3 people ordered 20 dumplings for an equivalent of 1.20 Sing dollars. Whoopie. I was too filled up with lamb and 20 cent icecreams to bother eating more than 3.

So since the place wasnt interesting, i split with the group and decided to go shop in another place alone. And i loved the freedom.

I was a bit lost as it didnt look like anything in the maps, so i just went to the nearest building, and shopped, then to the next one, and the next one. Eventually rounding the large circle of malls and coming back to the same place.

Empty handed, i still had a few more minutes to go, so i walked out of the circle of malls, down to the streets at the back. Nothing much either. Oh wells.

Tired, i must have walked for miles. So i headed back to the station, then met my group at this restaurant near the hotel and watched them have dinner. I wasnt hungry yet, so i decided to take back some macdonalds. I love their chicken sandwhich..

Anyway, slept a bit on the bus back to the hotel, but it only made me more sleepy. And then here i am.. uploading photos and blogging, not really feeling any pinch despite the fact that theres a mini test tmr, and my results for my semestral exams are coming out tomorrow. hmm. bleah, im confident okays. Cept for calculus of course.

lol this pic gave me false hope.

Friday, October 1, 2010

China day 12 - Soccer

The day was overcast, grey and cold.

Nonetheless, it was a more interesting day at school than usual. I dont know why but i was completely knocked out during the morning class, like, sometimes, i would forget to reopen my eyes after blinking.

The first hour was okay, i dont know why but i was quite in a good studying mood, then after that i kinda became really flaccid..

Lunch came as a gift.. I didnt want the teacher to spot me being all floppy the whole day, and i was glad that lunch time came. I slept a bit more while the class slowly emptied the classroom and made their way to the cafeteria some 10 mins away.

Then, having heavy feet, i dragged my way there by myself. Listened to "Rage against the music" and put the song "sleep now in the fire" on loop.

Food was semi good today, as it was a public holiday and no one was using the cafeteria but our group, so they cooked french fries and meat, more "children friendly" foods.

Went back, and it was practical time. The teacher brought us to the workshop to point out the components that we have learnt in the classes..

but because its a big group, only a small amount of people were able to fit in the confined spaces under the aircraft engine, so not everybody understood what was going on..

I tried to get as close as possible to listen however, sometimes the other people are talking too loud and sometimes the teacher shifts position and im unable to see what he is referring to..

So i always had to go back and ask my friends, which are usually as confused as me. oh wells.. time to study the manual then..

The fun part came when some people wanted to dismantel one of the engine fan blades.. And he let us do it.. then he also assigned groups to dismantel simple things.

Another group got to dismantle another engine, which had much larger blades.. and our group got to dismantle the engines rear bearing case..

So we got our wrenches and started un screwing. Heh, and when the cover to the bearings finally opened. Gosh, the smell. 1 words keeps coming to my mind. "chao chee bye".

I dont think it smells anything like smelly body parts though, more of.. other stuff.

I dont know, but it smells godly funky, like lots of dead fish or squid, with a coppery smell. with lots of other funky undescribable smell..

JQ says it smells like someone rubbed his shit with salted vegetable and left it in the bearing case for a while to decompose.

Anyway, it was all fun, the oil looked like squids ink, with a tinge of navy blue in it. But i suspect its not the real engine oil, but just some oil used to preserve the parts when its stationary.

So that was fun, and since its a friday, 2 groups decided to go out to play soccer..

It was really fun, and i had never ran so much recently. The weather really helps keep us comfortable, and i think the other guys played the full 90 mins.

Scored 2 goals, :) happy that my skills are still there, just dont have confidence on the ball and also making silly mistakes.

Oh wells..

So im back home now, with no pictures in hand after a fun day. heh. srry.. i got lazy with the camera.

Ill bring my camera along the next time round, i promise. :)

It'll be another 2 weeks more before i get home.. and i cant wait.

Sharlene would be going to HK for 1 week, so thats good too since she hates staying at home.. at least it would keep her mind occupied while im away so she wont think about being lonely..

Yay. im in quite high spirits, probably cuz of soccer today too ba.. mmmm

hehe hope you like it sharlene :)

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