Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY Monday

OK so I dint have time to sort the photos taken days earlier, and thus created a backlog of blog posts that should have been posted earlier..

So this post goes back to Chinese New Year again, but on Monday instead. Just wanted to share some pictures that i took that day.

Mainly went there to visit my grandmother, then as i was playing Battlefield: Bad Company on the Xbox many other visitors came and went. Then the old neighbour came with 2 children.. the older one which i have known and played with since he was a baby, and the baby, which looked just like him when he was young.. hahaha..

Baby comes into the room, and picks up the controller..


Chiew chiew chiew - he pretends to play

Giggles as he looks up to find me behind the camera clicking away..

He's irresistibly cute - My sister sneaks up on him..

whos that? - the baby notices her

Run away from the pedophile, there the chair should do it!

No Effect on pedophile! *screams for mommy*

Brother is not happy! Baby inturrepted his game!

No backup? Must think of another way *gives a determined look*


From these pictures, I realized that babies (or toddlers) actually have tons of expressions, all crammed into a few moments. A single picture wouldnt be adequate to capture everything. whereas when taking pictures of older people (as in normal people that are not babies or toddlers), they tend to do the same fake smile and "cute head tilt" over and over and over again. Its boring and overdone. You only need one picture if u keep doing the same thing, come on people.. do something different for once..

well yea.. a bit out of point but theres a rant.. and its what blogs are for right.. where all the crazies/zombies/lesbianies/gaies post their weird thoughts (or for like those emoist to air their blue thinking its cool. its not, so stop your bull.)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Darrens Birthday 2009

Ok im not sure its actually Darren's Birthday that day, but i need something for the title.

Anyway, Wednesday was a really eventful day, Badminton in the morning, giving out flyers in the early afternoon, and then sleeping over at Wilson's House till thursday, then going over to Darren's house to play Guitar Hero World Tour.

So started off with badminton in the morning, i booked it for 1 hr, played for 2 hours. Met Graeme at Lavender Mrt, walked over to the court, played a while before Tiong Kiat arrived, played with them, realised that Clement just woke up, so called my mom down to play badminton with us too.

Tiong Kiat left an hour later (after falling down, screwing up, and walking into the net which caused it to collapse), then Clement arrived. Continued playing until all of us got wasted (especially clement, who got wasted faster than us, even though he arrived 1 hr late). Then went home, cut up the flyers while Graeme played rFactor (a racing game) on my computer.

The CC from above, like a boat.

Went off to give out flyers with Clement and Graeme at the nearest condo. Reached there, walked through the main gate without a problem (even though we were carring flyers, and i was carring my camera in my hands), and this is where the shit starts..Went into the lifts and realised that the lifts dont work unless we scan the entry card, which we dont have.

The flyers- Graeme outside my house

at the carpark of the condo, i like how the picture is framed by the "window".

So we persuaded a cleaner that we were attending a friends birthday party and got up to the 24 floor. When we reached there, we were curious about how to go down to the next floor, so we entered the stairwell/bomb shelter.


the door slammed shut before we could even catch it (or shout "shit" for that matter) after realising that the door had no door handle behind!

The offending door handle - AGAIN

Bad Luck. This is the second time this had happened to me within 7 days.

Stuck with two idiots.. lol

And what sort of bomb shelter does not have doors on the "safe" side of it. STUPID

Anyway, with "joyous optimism" (or more like pessimistic flacidity) we went down and down and down to the first floor before finding a door with a handle. (and luckily, we did not go to the top floor of the condo, which was a whooping 41 stories)

Flushed with sweat, we walked out of the condo, defeated.

So we looked for an easier target. HDBs

Went off without a hitch (luckily). Except for a few "flyer proof" doors.

View from 30stories high.

The stadium bridge which i have crossed thousands of times..

This is cool lar... From that height, we can see in the distance (the red box)

Changi Airport's Control Tower! (i realise its a lot blurer than the original, DAMN the JPEG compression..)

Down down down down dead.

A good location to snap photos of flowers other than in the Botanic Gardens, are the common HDB Corridors!

Nice door and tree combination...

Chinese New Year overdone! (while clement slips some happy spam under the door)

Nice frame again..

down down down down done.

Nice drain.

double stumbles

Another nice canal..

the dog ate my flyer.. (it really did.. according to graeme)

Clement contemplates a flyer proof door..

After giving out the flyers, we (as in me and Graeme) took a taxi down to Wilsons house basketball court to play basket ball with them. However they were not there and instead wanted to walk to the other basketball court 3 busstops away, just because the net is not solid like the nearer one and because the basket was higher...

While we played, lots of ppl were getting hit in the face with balls or poles (ok that sounds wrong). Gabriel got hit in his nether regions with the ball, Chris slammed his face into the pole, Wilson and Jia Liang (or homo?) got ball-to-face-ed and i think beaver too. Darren was not with us then and i was doing so little the ball rarely came within 4m of my face.

After that went to wilsons house to wash up and went over to AMK hub to have pepper lunch dinner. Bought a cake for Darren and returned to Wilson's house to prepare.

wilson, turning on the heat.. lol

On the way back we were discussing on how to celebrate or surprise darren. so somehow we managed to arrive at the conclusion that Chris and I will be running around creating the illusion that we are naked. While the rest of them would be doing some stuff that was equally unethical.

Gabriels guitar, featuring hand shake and slow shutter speed..


The room was just as bright in the previous photos, just that i used flash and lowered the exposure, the result, it looks like the room was very dark.. camera trickery there.

Wilson is ready!

He prices himself fair! - he even outlines the meat!

The plan changed slightly and i was doing the streaking with a gay hat (perry's) and umbrella, chris was on a beancouch halfnaked with my tripod and darrens cake while lying down at the entrance, and the rest of them was in the corner of the room on a square piece of soft materiel doing stuff under something. (yes im being totally unspecific)

Anyway, while we were rehersing, Wilsons father poked into the room and saw all of us. He returned my watch that i left on the bathroom sink and gave me and everyone else a suspicious look.. (Yea, it was super super funny.. too bad i got to be really unspecific and miss out lots of things)

Yup. Awkward moment there for everyone.

especially awkward for these 4 ppl...

Anyway, so Wilson was supposed to take pictures and play the gay music when Darren came into the room, but he had to unlock the gate for Darren, so i was to play the music.

So yeah, he came in and was like wth with the gay music, the other ppl, and chris and me.
so according to him, the first thig he saw was me running around half-naked and was like "ok, thats normal", then looked and chris and the rest and was like "wth"


ew, look at chris-darren

Cake? (while me and chris carrys on with the party)

Although we achieved the goal of giving him a shock, we did not carry it out to the full. The rest of them were supposed to do something else to scare Darren but in the "heat" of the moment, totally forgot to do that.

After that we settled down to play cards and xbox, then played other weird games that night, and through the games i learnt lots and lots bout the people present.. especially Chris haha..Then we all slept at 6am.

Cards.(taken by some guy who played with my cam while i was not looking)

Ordered Macdonalds at 2am...

Woke up and played battlefield 2 with Chris, then ate at some noodle shop before going to Darrens house to play GH:WT. They jammed while me and homo played Halo 3, then afterthat we played guitar hero.

Gabriel tries out the drums, and fails as badly as i did

Chris tries out the guitar, and fails as badly as i did

Homo tries out the floor, and fails as badly as i did

Wilson tries out singing, and fails as badly as - wait what.. i dint even do these last two..

Finally went home with Gabriel at 5+ (i think), and totally confused Gabriel by talking about random stuff not related to each other. Saw a cool "disable-cycle" with 2 huge flags at the back on the road and thought it was totally cool.


ok so after i exceeded flickr's limit of 200 photos, all the photos on this blog has been unaffected (so far). So i guess i can continue uploading all these photos to the same account in flickr, unless they delet the old photos after a certian time (fingers crossed)

(those who want e stayover pics tell me.. ill pass them to u)

Posting results!

Yay! Im going to Aeronautics Engineering in Singapore Poly!

Wonder who else that i know of is going there too.. i know one.. Clements friend Guang Ting.. another one who is just as eccentric as Clement... crap

Well i still got until April to relax.. unlike those poor JC ppl who have to go to school in Feb..hahah

Yay! Screw the school system, im finally out of uniformity!

(as for ppl wondering about what we did at wilsons house, ill blog about that later, as i still havnt found the time to sort the photos and specially craft a blog post so that it sounds right.. lol)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Tagbox!

As you all should have noticed.. (or not) the link bar near the top of this blog has a new "link", the tagbox.

Yes, i finally got off my ass to make a tagbox in my blog.. (not that anyone would use it, except imposters, posing as me and saying weird stuff- or maybe me, posing as someone else and saying weird stuff).. who knows, thats the fun of a tagbox right? with all the resident sexualpredators, manhunters and whatnot.

Well yeah.. so ive added it there, click on the link and it will bring you to the tagbox, or else, scroll down to the bottom of the page where the tagbox is located.

I've also added a "Back to Top" button above the tagbox, so that you dont need to work that mouse wheel so hard...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year eve.

So, went to my grandmom house as usual, took lunch, watched Big Stan.. which was quite funny..
Then took a bus down to my aunts house, played tennis with my father, somehow improved alot as previously i've been playing tennis like badminton (with the wrists)..

Then took a swim in the rain, ate with the family, and while ppl were dunno doing what, went out with my camera and took a few photos.. Met this ang moh guy which gave us tips on where to take, hahah...

Yup. Collect Ang Paos, forgot what 4 letter chinese words to say to them.. just could think of 4 things.. "oh im so fked" "i want more money" "quick hand it over"

So it usually came out as "er yeah happy new year" or "something something something something.. in chinese" (yes i literally said that)

Lol.. um yeah.. then yea here are the photos..

before going out.. my sister, showing me her "armpit hair" LOL

A tree decorated with lights...

The shallow pool behind..

Lol i just like the scene..

The pool again..


The buildings... (it turns out a lot nicer than in real life)

Sitting on the ledge of both pools, my cousin and my sister..

My sister "positioned" me in this photo.. was not sure what she was trying to this shows the ledge we were on..

Then i got bored of squatting there... Anyway, i like the water to the right in this picture..

my sis might actually have photographic skills! (the whole family directly opposite muz be wondering why my cousin and i were sitting there so emo-ly)

Sister, cousin..

the other cousin, sister..

Thats what happen when u watch tv.. u become damn sian.. which is exactly why i dont watch tv..

my first arty shot of that day..

the flower in the house..

piano in the house...

reflection of me and my sister.. off the panio..

Piano, flower, sister in teh house..

Well and thats the end for the eve..

As for why my blog about me has very little pictures about me, well its part of being a photographer.. almost 0.001% of your shots contain yourself in it..
Plus, the only way you can get your self in the photo is to either have a tripod at hand, or use reflection.. (camera is too heavy to do the normal "stick-hand-out-and-reverse-camera" thing that ppl usually do..

Sidenote: I am going to reach 200 photos uploaded on the flickr account, and it warns me that i wont be able to view the oldest of the 200 photos after that limit.. so i wonder if this blog would be affected. If it is, then bear with me as ill be making another ghost account so that i can continue uploading without problems..

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