Monday, September 28, 2009

F1 2009

Im finally back after a long break, to japan and back, then straight after that, to the f1 practice sessions, then a long way to seletar getting some syfc briefing before having a short break in activities.

So yeah, im pretty much really busy still. Who said the holidays are boring man.

Before i do a long series about my trip to japan, lets start things off with the latest big thing first. F1.

Yup, i've gotten tickets again, and i went with the same people again. Though this time we didnt spend much time camping for spots. For the first time Graeme was also around one of the grand stands, so we later met him and his father for dinner.

Its the usual feeling, really hot, crowded and loud. This time though i came prepared for the job at hand. I learnt much more too. Since now i have my zoom lens, taking quality pictures of the cars should be much easier.

Plus i've gotten a hold of JQs Canon 50D (a 2 generation successor to my old 30D), since it has a better noise control (better performance in the dark). The thing i didnt like about the 50D is that its full quality picture was 15mb big. so that ment that my 8gb flash card could only hold 400 pictures, unlike in my other camera, where i could save 800+ pictures. So i turned it down to 7.1 megapixels.

I really like the 50D man, im so freaking jealous of JQ, lol.

Ok back to f1. We didnt really camp at the same spot the whole time as we got bored and people were everywhere, so it was a much more relaxed trip compared to last year, and i kinda of enjoyed this time much better as my face wasnt constantly behind the camera.

Enough chatter now, so lets bring on the pictures!

First few panning shots turned out well. This isnt f1, this is some bmw cup. I missed the aston martins though :(
im not sure how to control where its blur really.
the bmw safety car. or suv.
everyone had their camera out. and its really EVERYONE.
im jealous. damn musst find a way to get that photographers pass next time.
i like the drivers expression. high.
the f1 practice session starts and one of my first photos. Not bad at all.
then the red bulls were riding real low. check out the sparks.
changed my angle to a fenceless area, though it wasnt really good place to take pics as no one is interested in the ass of the cars.
changed to another location, needed to shoot from between heads in the front row.
lewis hammimilton.
thats fisi in massas car. You can tell because Massa had the lead car, and lead cars have red on the camera mountings at the top of the cars, while second cars has yellow.
Brawn, i think button.
Hamilton again, lifting his front rights around the corner. must be running really soft suspension and anti roll bars.
a toyota bouncing around.
i like this shot. its really rare to get cars so close to each other in practice sessions.
Kimi and his ferrari.
camera, lights, action.
lol, peepers.
more peepers. Yup, we did the loosers sign to them, then ran away. of course, not before getting some shots. heehee.
some uriah looking dude in the fore ground. amateur photogs are EVERYWHERE.
Detail picture of rosbergs williams. check out the detail of the floor board at the start of the side pods.
red hot brakes.
Button again. Damn fence.
The ferraris were really hard to take for some reason, while the renaults and the toyotas were really easy. for some reason.
there are some dents on the base of the engine cover. i love the detail im able to capture man. the zoom lens is such a good buy.
got a better picture of it the second time it came round.
detail of the maclarens wheel covers.
the bmws new wing.
more detail. i like how the front wheel hub looks.
Met graeme and his father (nasty).
checked out f1 rocks while clement was buying his $4 500ml bottle of sprite.
not gonna catch anything with that, cept of course, video.
i like how many small sponsors on the force india. lol, and im starting to like force india. Go underdogs!.
the red bulls brakes, which would later give them problems in the race.
that bird is lost.
fisi was easier to catch than kimi, guess kims just that much faster.
brawn and laggy camera.
KIMI LOOKED RIGHT AT ME! *gushes like some gay bsb fan*. nah, he was just looking into his next corner.
the ferraris just looks awesome.
more red bulls. them damn red bulls have such similar cars that is hard to distinguish between the main red bull cars and the toro rossos.
heifield and the high nose of the beemers. robert must be quite used to this high nose considering his increase in form.
alonso again.
yup, pretty much it for the day.hopefully tmr i find the time to write another post.

Anyway, must thank JQ for lending me his camera, and graeme's father for treating us to sushi tei.

And clement owes me $40.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Being a pedophile for a day.

Right. This is the first post in a long long time.

Dont blame me man, i've been busy with almost everything, one stayover, one failed stayover, work, falling sick and the rest of that junk.

Guess ill just have to recap everything again then.

i think the earliest event was that stayover. Its pretty much the same old same old, the guys celebrated my birthday and gabriels birthday, but no pole dancing from darren unfortunately. (i swear he whispered to me one day that he was going to do it.)

Anyway, i think we played more halo than usual, and the score was always really close, like 49 to 49. right before chris sticks his head out and gets shot. Slept at 4am as they wanted to play juggernaut, then woke up at like 1pm.

Its really funny cuz most of the parties i would wake up on wilsons bed with wilson and gabriel in it and cant really remember how i got there. And there would only be the 3 of us there and the rest always goes home early. (nasty)

Then wilson would always chase us out of his house and we would dilly dally just cause he was chasing us out. haha.

Yeah so here are the pictures.

Gabriels ready.
woah nasty.
Crap is graeme having an erection (his clothes was up like that in 3 seperate photos. NOT KIDDING. lol)
oh yes he has.
Wearing a belt helps.
Rocking the fat kien wei face.
ultimate gayness.
im addicted to this game.
like whats up with gabriel and my lens cap.
gay vest.
just.. wow.
Gabriel and his gay surprised face. he must have seen the pink daggers.
dagger on dagger. both pink.
yup. cut the cake with that plastic still around it. hahah
graeme cant resist grabbing that bulge.
woah. u didnt see this.
wilson having a moment there.
wouldnt want to know what was happening here either.
nor here.
wilson + hat + hat air = stupid ^ 3
played a ton of this.

then tuesday was spent at my other cca, not wakeboarding. We got to learn what the large audio control thing does (you know those sound control boards with lots and rows of nobs). Its pretty easy really.

Wednesday was spent with joseph. I promised to go out with him to help him out with his photo project so i had to keep to it. Met him at the airport, before stalking young children and taking photos of them. Joseph said he needed to capture "moments" for the projects. Yeah and you'd believe him.

Nonetheless we stalked people from terminal 1 to terminal 3, then back down the order again. Terminal 1 proved the most fruitful, as many locals were ariving so there would be their family waiting for them at the arrival gates or whatever its called.

Got good shots there, then we decided to head over to east coast park skate park to take more pictures of children. This time half naked.

Not really fruitful though, plus we had walked a lot to get from the stupid busstop to east coast.

Went home after that, Joseph had to come along as he needed to get the photos from my camera.

Screen doors at Pasir Ris station. Thats whats going to be at every over ground station now. sad.
yup, thats your fragile goods being handled with care.
stupid viewing gallery has glass with them dots.
i think this is a unique view. for some reason
this reminded me of final destination 1. stupid show. stupid series.
we were soo pedo.
ok, a proper moment. wouldnt really score you points though.
this is a proper one.
this is just sick.
this is really cute. haha
should have blacked and white-d this photo.
looks so pedo.
hahah, joseph was being so obvious with that long white lens. the grandma spotted him an was wondering, who the hell is this black pedo.
it was beautiful. props to the guy who thought of doing a shoot at t3. should have went back up and took more photos.
sneaky monk.
fast monk.
nasty daggers.
my lovely panning shot.
he was doing cool 360s.
im not sure why i like this shot. the composition sucked.
whats up with shirts with fake things on them. like perrys shirt tie shirt.
you dont need a fish eye lens.

Thats pretty much wednesday.

Thursday was spent at Jia Liangs house. Syncro-bussed with gabriel and arrived at his house. Pretty cool, as i didnt know he stayed there. He had a pool and a tennis court, i mean like, why didnt i know earlier?

I brought my xbox while borrowing cables from darrens xbox as all my wires are tied up, didnt really go smoothly though as darrens cable didnt fit my xbox. So we walked a long distance back and got darrens xbox. damn.

Played 4v4 halo3 then. It was REALLY fun. was owning in halo 3 too. (for some reason i cant own in halo 2)

Our group split up after Jia Liang had to go out for tution.

Friday was the same thing, this time we started a lot earlier, and we used Darrens xbox instead, It was awesome fun again, and although my team included Graeme and Gabriel, which dont play tons of halo like the others, we still managed to beat other teams a few times with team work.

A stayover was planned at wilsons house but it kinda of broke up after Gabriel needed to leave and i tagged along.

Saturday was another stay over day. This time, only with Ryan. We went to wilsons house at like 11pm, then watched lousy shows till 3.30pm, before we left for serangoon station.

The reason we did this was because we had some job as marshalls for the triahtlon event held at east coast park and the only place we were to be picked up was at serangoon, so since we did not want to waste money by taking a taxi in the morning just to go to work, we decided to stay at wilsons house.

Work was boring. I was incharge of the start. letting go of the "ribbon" right before the horns go, playing with the air horns. sitting in the sun and making my flu worsen.

Was tired shitless after that, left early with ryan and two other guys, then took 43 back to wilsons house to return his shoes that i borrowed. Then boarded 80 and took a long ride home. the whole trip i was feeling like shit and tired as hell.

The bed at home was a very welcome sight.

So there, the start of my damn fever. wasting 3 days just sitting around nursing it.

Oh yeah, good thing though, i found out that my Syfc training is going to start soon! And because of that, im free to go on holiday anytime before 26 sept. So, im flying off to Japan on Thursday for a week! Yay!. 25 is going to be the f1 race in singapore too. im so friggin excited man.

I just realised that i havnt even finished my posts about my new zealand trip yet. damn time pasts fast.

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