Saturday, February 28, 2009

blah blah yada yada. past 2 days crap lar part 3/3

So here is the final part of the events of the past days.

I originally intended to do all 3 parts in one night, but well, the photos taken were too much to sort in time, and, im too busy playing Left 4 Dead online. Ha.

Ok, so today is a peaceful day, where there are no activities planned and im totally free! Yay. I love it, after the frenzy of activities i've been having for the past few weeks.

Took some time to Ban the IP's of those V igra Advertisers (the reason i spell it like that is so that no more "sick" advertisers can find my blog thru typing "v igra" in google and advertising on my blog). Who knows why my blog attracts so many of these kind of advertisers? Isit because i used a less known tagboard and they sell my blog address to these advertisers? Or my site is generating tons of traffic? i dont know.

Shit, this blog was ment for my friends and distant friends only, and was never ment to have so many people visit. Damn. I've considered changing blog, but i love the name of this..hahaha. oh well, guess i just have to ban more ips... sigh more work for me..

Oh yeah, enough of my sob stories. Again i realise i have not been posting enough "arty" shots. so i hope this post would help kill the trend of making this blog another "hey i got a life" blog. This is supposed to be a photoblog, not just any normal blog with boring pictures of friends.

Cutting to the chase, on last Thursday, the rest of the guys were going for their medical checkup (again, after their failed attempt on wednesday), and i suggested to Jia Qing the night before on skype, that we should explore upper seletar reservoir.

We somehow decided to explore upper pierce reservoir instead, the path of which we would take, takes us to the HSBC treetop walk, then down to juletong tower, then along a golf couse, then to maratchie (or whatever its spelled). In total, we walked about 10km, in part good weather, and part bad weather.

While i was still travelling to meet Jia Qing at the start, the guys called me and ask me what i had in mind as they have finished their checkup, i told them and they totally dint want to go. Luckily, and unluckily for them, It rained heavily during the hike, and the terrain was quite tough, considering 10km of it. Their slippers would have long broken. Unluckily for them, because they have missed out quite alot. Most of what they missed out cant be captured to satisfaction by photos alone.

Even though i brought my wide angle lens and the normal lens, i still have difficulty capturing the beauty of that place.

The first things we saw while walking along the road leading to the start of the trails, some Americans scurrying around under a tree with a net in hope of catching a monkey.
Sorry for the quality, as it was a rushed shot as they chased us away telling us no photography.. hmmmm.

Photos of the roads...

More photos of the roads...

This makes me think of those goat trails in undeveloped areas.. should have went on the trail instead of standing in the drain..damn.

Me and Jia Qing, walking along the road...

We reach the trail leading to the treetop walk. (and for those who dont know, in an outing with the guys, im like constantly lagging behind taking pictures, then rushing in front again to take pictures.)

After walking a click or so, we saw some raffles orientation group going the same way as us, i think of same age.. yup, luckily they were slow, or else the treetop walk would not be as enjoyable.

The suspension bridge high over the ground below.

The treetop walk was fun. I love the bridge and the way it sways in the wind and when we walk. its like standing on a boat at sea. just that you are super high up in the air.

the view from above on the bridge. Not much to see actually, i actually like the bridge more than the scenery..hahah

Its really hard to capture how high up we were, but we were super high up..

One of the long flights of stairs that dot the trail..

a really big ant (compared to the leaf, which is about the size of your hand)

And down another flight of stairs..

Some butterflies..

Plants and flowers that look really weird because of the sun angle.. it looks like its a negative photo..

Juletong tower, about 10 stories high. I love this tower, as you can feel it sway in the wind. Its also a really good rest stop at the top, lots of wind. i wouldnt say much of the view though, all you see is vegetation.

and maybe the reservoir in the distance (the one where we eventually went to)

well ok, and maybe this nice path into the forest.

Then down we go again (i had to crop out my legs, as in accidentally got into the picture, yup using wide angle..)

Then we saw a leaf that looked like a pangolin

some flower..

Saw 2 of these actually. this was the first one. The second lizard was twice as big, and we walked to about 3m before it moved out of the way (we thought it was a log!) oh yeah, sorry bout the fact that i have no pictures of the second lizard. My camera was waterproofed in my bag. and it was raining.. )


Scenery. We were walking down this path, which was next to a golf course, and next to the reservoir.

More random flowers..

I love the reflections of the trees on the water..

Saw 3 squirrels..

Another nice shot.


Check out how thin my focus was (by looking at the lenght of the rope that is in focus) the f stop was 3.5 or smthing

another of those type of pictures that i like to take..

Saw this bird.

Golf course hut.

Well then it started to rain, i quickly wrapped my camera, lenses and flash in this green trash bag, then got JQ to help me wrap my bag in its waterproof cover. We then seeked shelter in the golf course's many huts, before setting off again in the light rain. Walked for a long time along maratchies trails along the waters edge, and saw tons of nice scenery, but too bad. the stupid weather did not cooperate, so no more photos.. sigh.

JQ's sole peeled off his shoe just as we reached the end of the trail. Phew! (i was even joking at the start of the hike, that anyone who lost his sole during the trek would be super sian.) hahahah. So he ended up soleless, and we took a bus down to longhouse to eat.

JQ walked to longhouse barefooted.

im totally soaked by the rain..

LAN at 90c/hr. thats a deal!.

Waited for the rain to stop (which rained super super heavily for 2 hrs). and finally went home, happy but tired.

the rain took forever, so i took pictures of vehicles passing by.. check out the patterns..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

blah blah yada yada. past 2 days crap lar part 2/3

Right, so wednesday was the day where the rest of the guys went for the medical checkup. But as I am not going on that day with them, i was somewhat free.

So, i decided to help out my sis with some weird stuff with her committee that she had.

Was initially really reluctant to travel all the way to NUS and back again, but well, in the end i did.

It was fun, but the people there were somewhat not really outgoing, probablly because of the age gap but like, whatever lar.

So took some photos for them, said some really weird stuff, making them think that Im as crazy as my sister.. well i am, so yeah.

Here are some of the photos, and Gabriel, dont post them on facebook.
Oh yeah, and for the committee, if you want me to take down these photos, i'll gladly do so. (well not really gladly.. haha) im only posting cool shots lar..

I Was Here too.


along some cool wall..

After that, we (as in me and my sister) ate at munchie monkey and the food there was good! especially their pizza.. yummmm.

Did some weird shots of my sis then, and felt that it was really funny..hahah.

Waiter gives her a plate of 2 pizza slices..

hmmm.... thats not right...

totally confused..

Then proceeds to serve her her desert.. half eaten.

Then gives her a cup of water, of course, half finished...

After that, my sis showed me around her hostel and we went to the rooftop, where i took photos of the stars there, and some pano, which im too lazy to merge and its not really nice anyway.

Did some weird stuff with long exposures and the tripod, which caused my sis to laugh at the sight of me swinging the camera about crazily on the tripod..hahah

Skies, im not sure if you can see the stars (as in the ones that you usually dont see), but there was a ton of them around the north pointing star thingi that i totally forgot the name.

Cool shot, done by twisting the camera back and forth, then pointing it at my sis for 4 more sec.. looks like it was shot thru a pexi glass screen..

yeah, did the twisting thing again...

tried to draw lots of stuff, this was vaguely successful...

tried to sign with it... well, dint turn out well either..

Yay, cleared another blog post.. now gonna type out part 3 :)

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