Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our Anniversary

Its our anniversary. this one slightly more special..


I still remember the day that we first met, quite clearly really. i remember that you were that cheerful girl that was gonna sign up for cheer leading. Then i stole a few shots of you then.

Yes i know. i sound pervy.

You did leave an impression, but it was only on the surface that i know you.

Then some way or another, we meet again under a different circumstance, and i got to know you better, and better.

Since then we have been through lots of things, thick and thin, difficulties and obstacles.
But a few months later, here we are.

It just seemed such a short time ago, time seems to go by so quickly. Especially when im with you.

I really enjoy the time we spend together, even after so many months, almost every day of the week. Its still not enough..

I miss you already darling..

Happy anniversary :)

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