Monday, March 16, 2009

Milk Party.

Yup. Milk party..

Today was the Milk Party day.. the day where i did not think would become a reality.

Milk.. i use that as a subsitute to sian i guess.. or a reply to a question that you dont have/dont want to answer. Haha. call me weird. i am.

So somehow, after my first overnight stay at Wilsons house, i somehow came up with "milk party". Originally it wasnt meant to mean anything at all.. its just made to sound sick i guess...

Anyway. It happened.

Jia Qing invited us to go to his house at a really ulu place for the milk party. And so we did!

In the morning, i met Jia Qing at Dover mrt at 8am and we enrolled at Singapore Poly. Everything happened really fast as there was only like 10+ people enroling that early.. haha.

After that we went through this "cca maze" thing, which essentially trapped us and forced us to walk thru several cca's while they try to persuade us to go join them and their camps.

We joined the first camp we saw, which was for the Engineering students. Paid a cool $10 bucks and made me more broke, before we sat thru another 3 of these "recruitment" things and finally came out to the CCA signup place thingi something.


Breezed through that place as there were nobody at the booth as it was probablly too early.. We then proceeded to Jia Qings house to start the milk party!

Reached his house and went to his basement, which was not really a basement as the house was sited on a hill (i think), so the basement still had a garden.. Cool, a first semi-de house that i have been to that has a basement.

Anyway, we then moved to his room, and was quite surprised that its small as i was expecting a bigger place.. (been too much to wilsons house liao).

First thing i played with was his camera.. the Canon 50D. And im FREAKING JEALOUS. His father has brought him this latest camera of the series because his father thinks that photography is a good thing to learn.. damn.

I soooo want that camera lar!. its like 3 yrs more advanced than my camera, the Canon 30D. And i love it!.

Larger screen, better colour rendition from the screen (which allows me to better judge the pictures exposure), nicer menu, better functions, Sensor cleaning, better night capabilities... WOW. i freaking want it lar!.

Plus he also got the canon flash.. which is also good, but not worth the money. but still better than my third party flash.

Twiddled with this few things and took some photos.. then quickly put the camera back in its bag and did not play with it again.. as ill just make me want it more and more and make me want to buy something that i dont really need... yet.

The camera is no leap in technology from mine, but it really does make life easier...

Too bad his lens was the stock lens.. Which had really bad night performance (i wont go into photography terms here..), and i really feel lucky that i spent a ton more money to get a good lens..haha.

my camera...

His camera....

Ok back to the milk party here...

Set my computer up and chatted with my sister.. which usually comprises of weird stuff that other people wont understand if they were to listen in..haha!

JQ with his com.. and my com on the right..

Lol his soviet flag..

The guys (Gabriel, Graeme, Billy, Wilson)finally arrived a while later, and they proceeded to set their laptops up in the room too, which made quite a mess... So we decided to go down to the hall to set up all our laptops.

they arrive...

Wilson made these cards sticky...

Billy and his stupid hard drive which has a stupid password protect system and also lags out everyones comps..

Wilson quickly reverts to his fantasy world... yes. he is still in it since the last time i met him...

like a kid caught with his hand in a cookie jar... only this time the hand is somewhere else and the cookie jar is a website... (i realise its really easy to make ppl look bad through these captioning but really hard to make yourself look bad..hahaha)

Happily stalking someone...

unhappy that he got hit in his head..

totally stalking someone lar.. like some black plants..

Brought games and got them to install games, which consisted of Call of Duty 4, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Battlefield 2, CS 1.6 and Left 4 Dead.

Yeah.. as you have noticed.. its not really a milk party.. more like a Lan party.

Anyway, played some cs1.6 and left 4 dead.

The mess of computer and nerds in the hall..

JQ's doll.. its a bit weird for a guy to have a doll but hes into cosplay. so i guess thats quite normal for cosplayers.

Wilson wants to play parapara..

Gabes got a boner.

Wilson looks weird lar.

even after rebonding twice....

and hes still constantly doing weird stuff..

Gabe is doing his usual tongue licking hand failing thing.

Joseph is getting on the nerves of JQ.. as usual..

We tried to pull Billys legs from behind the table.. but too bad he noticed too early, or else his gonads are gone by now :D

some of the cool effect of flash and long exposure..

still in his fantasy.doing weird stuff..

lol, maybe gabriel had already joined his fantasy earlier on...

lol the pogo stick..

check out gabriels sexy pose.. and check out wilsons expression...

Joseph arrived and we went to pick him from the busstop, then stopped by to buy more milk from the nearby coldstorage, then ordered pizza from Canadian 2for1 pizza, which took 1 hour to arrive although they were just situated around the corner near JQ's house.

Must thank Joseph as he essentially treated us to pizza. Ate pizza, then contunied the lan session..

Joseph finally arrive, and returns my slippers that i lent him..


used flash on almost all the photos.. although for most of the pictures dont look like they are using flash..yay.


check out wilson in the back left.. totally in his own world..

yeah..this photos for facebook actually.. like extra photos for those who like to cam whore..

Gabriel, Wilson and Joseph were not playing as their computer were too old, or (in Josephs case) he brought a Mac. Lol.

Joseph and his stupid

check out Josephs sexy pose..

yeah.. we can see what he was trying to do... but wilson found out..

graeme wants this picture as his profile pics on facebook.. so yeah.. here it is. (gab usually uploads all the photos from my posts to essentially what i post here will also appear on facebook in gabriels album)




Wilson on the osim chair vibrating away.. while we play left 4 dead..

Wilson and Gabriel got really sleepy, and Wilson started to like the vibration coming from the Osim chair.. lol.

Ryan and Zhi An arrived somewhat late and played some ps2 game upstairs with Jia Qing...

We eventually got really tired for some reason, and suspected that the excessive milk was causing the sleepiness.. i think everyone avraged 1.5 liters of milk. hahaha.

Anyway, we eventually packed up and went home. Talked about some funny thing on the bus.. that i wont say to keep Joseph from being trashed.

All the laptops present there.. and of course, Joseph and his Mac being extra at the top..


oh yeah, and Ryan. dint get a shot of Zhi An tho.

Oh yeah, and yesterday, i managed to repair my Steering wheel too, which i found out was due to a loose connection. heng i dint send it for repair...

The same day, where we had the usual skype conversation online, Joseph showed his desperateness when Gabriels crazy cousin talked to us while he was away.. tsk.. joseph.

Further proof to his desperateness, he sent us a video from youtube, which was about this show "britan's got talent", and the performers were the "kit kat dolls".. which turned out to be transexuals dressing up like the music group pussy cat dolls and singing...

So if were to think of it, Joseph would be searching youtube for "transexual dancing" and chanced on this video... yeap. desperate.


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