Monday, March 9, 2009

"Trace amounts of rain"... Yeah right.

Cold. Soggy. Tired. Wet.

Guess these words could describe this trip quite well.

This was the forth cycling trip with the guys. And the third one where it drizzled, or rained. (if i can remember correctly). Stupid weather.

And for those who read my previous post, the weather forecast (which is supposed to be "reliable", like Jeppesen, for those who knows bout flight operations..) forecast "trace amounts of rain" at 2pm.


We cycled 1/3 of the way in drizzle and really high winds, and 1/3 way in really heavy rain and some head wind. what a day lah.

Started from my house as usual, and were already running late as stupid Tiong Kiat was late. Cycled to east coast quickly and received Joseph sms that he overslept and is not going, and that Clement is already at the meeting place (for once he is early).

Met Clement at East Coast Mac there while we waited for the rest of them to arrive from Parkway. Clement recently got this $600 road/whatever bike that is really light, but has no suspension. Cycled it and went over a bump. ouch. not fun at all.. But i really like how far it cruises compared to my bike..haha.

Met the guys, and they rented bikes, cycled and stopped at the usual "last" toilet at East Coast before moving thru the other way we were taking this time.. Went thru this tunnel that has really conducive for echos. and cycled a bit before we all realised that Chris was missing.

For the first time, Chris was at the back and lost! hahhah.

Cycled thru the new route without a hitch, just that Ryan was starting to lag and stuff.. Cycled past bedok, and tampines. We really rushed from then on, as the clouds were super threatening. The winds were super strong too. While i rushed to keep my camera, the gusts of wind that came in waves were so strong that it picked up rocks from the side of the patch and blew it into our faces (really!).

We rushed to Pasir Ris Park before cycling on against the strong wind. No fun at all. Its like going up a steep incline. It started to drizzle and we rushed even more. We did not really know where we were going as we were rushing like mad, so i did not have time to check the map.

Rushed and just blindly followed the signs that says PCN, all the way to Changi Village. We lost Darren and Wilson along the way, and finally found them already at changi village.. Ate there, but I didnt really eat for some reason - was having a really bad stomach ache (like those that come for no reason, not the shit type or gastric).

Wasted lots of time eating and stuff, then went back by the normal way. Was at the back of the group again (as usual, Chris, Darren, Wilson, JQ formed the breakaway group) and im "guarding" the new people and the tired people.

Cycled back the whole way at an average of 16km/h in the pouring rain.

Met the guys (all wet and cold) at the rental shop, before going home with Tiong Kiat..

Darren had already sped off as he still had to cycle home (in Serangoon), in the heavy rain.. poor him.

Clement split with us earlier as he lived near Tampines.

For some reason, while cycling back home with Tiong Kiat, i had a huge craving for cake. You know, those small rectangular type with the really sweet jelly like cream on top. mmmmm....

ok now photos! (not in chronological order)

Graeme, Billy, Jia Qing.


Clement and Chris (clement and his nikon camera..)

Jia Qing, and his new army uniform..lool

Darren Ong. Or Dong. like totally like a shlong dong lar.

Tiong Kiat, looking absolutely gay.

Me, playing with rope... yup. (taken by clement from his camera)

Chris is like being constantly slutty.

like, slutty with the rope..

Slutty with two ropes..

While Wilson is constantly in his own fantasy world..

Again, in his own fantasy.

i guess, driving his golden "chariot"... in his fantasy...

Jia Qing completely gives up trying to bring Wilson back to reality. (clement shot, clements camera)

Still in his own fairy tale. (no matter what slutty Chris does in the background)

All the time, in his own fantasy.. it muz be soo good lah, for him to fantasize for the whole trip..hmmm maybe it has something to do with plants and high, undersized hats..

like totally doing something in his fantasy. which involves his fingers....

Still in his fantasy, and doesnt even know a bird shat on him.

Clement is riding really fast . ( i really love this panning shot btw..)

Because he is constantly being chased by Jia Qing..

While dong is with his bike.. perhaps...

Yup. he is frame riding..

And tries to hide his shame of being caught in the act, by showing a sheepish smile. ( i swear he was trying to hint, that if i posted the pictures again, i would get tied up between two coconut trees..)

Yet, despite my cameras presence, he goes on to boost others frame riding experience...sick

Wilson wants to have a good experience of his "golden chariot". Yes. hes still in his fantasy world. You can see that his eyes are closed..

Chris and Wilson Eye Graeme suspiciously..

As Graeme registers for something..

A Bidding session with Chris, over that old half-naked dude in the background...

After Chris gets rejected by the tractor driver dude,

And humping clement..

Till hes tired,

He sits next to Wilson (still in his fantasy), strips naked..

And enters wilsons fantasy..

Before ditching it for more "fun" activities, such as looking for hoes on the street..

And around construction sites..

Ryan is the one who was constantly tired. I dont blame him as he went night cycling with his church friends (and billy) on Saturday.. plus, hes new to my cycling trips.. so not bad at all.


Still wasted..

im constantly Wet And wasted. This time it was me who was also wasted. Had a bad stomach ache for no reason at all... (shot by clement and his nikon)

Still wet... with ryan and Graeme (shot by clement and his nikon. we stopped at some shelter as Ryan was tired..)

Clement finally opens up a big lead over Jia Qing..

But its not because of his hard pedaling, more like because Jia Qing got Hungry!

Clement then stops at 7-11 to top up on his ever diminishing stash of blue pills...

Tiong Kiat is totally looking gay.

Like whats with the gay shirt lar. must have got Graeme very excited.

Ok, random photos that i could not fit in the various peoples quirks montages..

we rest at the "last" toilet at east coast.

We go down this tunnel.

We go up this bridge...

We arrive at tampines..

The site where Tiong Kiat fell down for no reason at all..

No more pictures from then on, as the rain came and i had to pack my camera in...

photos after the trip..
Total Distance me and Tiong Kiat cycled today. i think i lost a few km as i took this thing out of its socket as it kept falling out during the ride.

Total distance i have travelled on my bike so far. + a 100km as i did not have the speedo for some long trips..

oh yeah, this is a picture from google earth, showing the route we took.


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