Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Clark Quay

Has been a long time since i have purposly went out to take photos only... This time, i was scouting for a photo shoot location for later in the week, which i would post abt soon...

Anyway. here are some of the pictures...


And i think this was the best photo of the day..

Hope you enjoyed this short post.. :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


money money money.. ok random. i just have this bunch of coins to get rid of..

Its the holidays and this time, we didnt really plan on going anywhere since i still had my syfc stuff.

This was a really last min trip though, really need to thank my mom for planning the trip in a snap.

Anyway, we headed for KL first, did some shopping, Bought some clothes and another rc helicopter, hehe.

Blue running lights. On the way to KL.

Morning scene in KL Macs. 5am. Everyone was sleeping before i took the photo. heh. (when i arrived there there were like a ton of homeless people sleeping in this empty parking lot. Yes they were definitely homeless. I've never seen so many homeless people like this before. strewn all around, like clothes that you throw around yr bed room. covering every easily accessible surface you can find.)

Their mall had this really cool roller coaster built into it. Downsides are, the building shakes everytime the coaster moves.
In one of the nikon shops. Nikon seems to be more popular there than canon.
hahah, funny scene.
Kinky bed room. I'd be sharing that with my mom for the night.

Then the next day, we headed for genting, first taking a coach, then a cable car ride.

Piles and piles of yummy yummies.
Cable cars are clipped onto the cable, and its the cable that moves the cabin.
Damn nice, although i probably damaged my eyes a bit more.

We were quite lost at first when we went there, cuz it was quite big, but we eventually got round to finding the check in area. The place was huge. The largest check in lobby i've ever seen. Probably because everyone checks in for 1 or 2 days only, so theres a huge amount of people flow.

Talking about flows. Todays my time of the month.

My mom took this shot. damn cool cuz its somewhat considered a panning shot. haha

You didnt see that. Anyway, we left our luggages to the bell boys and went to the outdoor theme park to try the rides.

As for my constipated face. Yeah, its cuz my mom was always taking pictures of me.
quite nice shot taken by my mom..

The size of the place was rather disappointing. I mean, compared to the disney worlds of the US of A. But of course, its a hell lot cheaper. So like, whos complaining.

Rides were okish, more like the really upgraded version of Singapores Escape theme park. 1 Spine crushing vertical ride thingy, 2 loopy coasters and 1 smaller coaster are the main attractions. Didnt take much pictures there as i spent more time Queuing than anything else.

I started off with what would be the best ride in the whole place. Space shot. Mom Queued with me but didnt go onto the ride itsself as she tends to get nauseous so she doesnt want to spoil the whole day.

Scary, especially when youre up at the top of the tower, and you can see the surroundings, youre the highest on the hill top and you can see the whole genting hill sloping up through the clouds. Totally cool. Then, the sudden drop, faster than you can fall due to gravity. Really fun.

Then we went to Q for the go-karts, since i wanted my mom to have some fun too, but we decided not to Q cuz the looping coaster just opened. So i rode that twice, then spent a huge amount of time waiting for the go-karts.

Did lots of panning shots cuz i was really bored Q-ing
my mom and fluffy stuffed toys that someone asked her to hold while they went go-karting. (she was damn happy cuz its damn comfortable to hug)

After that, we checked in (cuz our check in time was later in the afternoon), then went to look for Sharlene and her sister. Too bad they didnt get the tickets for the theme park on that day, so for the rest of the afternoon, i was mostly alone on most of the other rides.

Near the end of the day, i managed to convince my mom to ride the space shot. hahahh. She went up TWICE. the second time without persuasion. Apparently, the space shot doesn't really induce nausea, or maybe it just happened too fast for nausea to set in.. heheh.

Managed to sneak Sharlene and Erica up the indoor ferris wheel even though they didnt have tickets. hahah
like the lights.

I remember we also tried to sneak into the movie theater, Erica managed to get in without problems, though when the rest of us went in, they decided to come in to check out tickets, hahaha. CAUGHT. Anyway, we escaped unharmed..

At night, the two evil sisters decided that i shall take all the indoor rides no matter how kiddy or lame it is. And trust me, there was a ton of those rides.

well this was the only fun ride.

A series taken by Sharlene. Of us fooling around.
Well there were more. hahah lazy.
think green.
yes they were happily trotting off to some slow ride. calling me to run along.
Sat in this slow moving lighted flowerpot.. and took some shots of the lighting..
look at them.. plotting on the next slow ride..
And then, they decided to freeze my nips when the clouds billowed through genting.
and do some cheery stunts in the whirlwind of cloud.
we were wasted.

The next day started off really cold. Met Sharlene and her sister, then bought their tickets and went to play in the cold morning air. Most of the extreme ride were still closed.

The whole time this ride was closed, i think due to the high winds and low visibility due to clouds.
yeah. So much effort to get in to this shirt backwards.
hahah Erica was totally frightened by this bridge.
Grey skies. Not much colour here.
What was initially quite a glam and good position to take pictures quickly turned around and become a multitude of unglam shots as she screamed for help (she was gonna fall off the rock. hahahahhaha)
The roller coaster. Fun, but not as fun as the space shot.
ahh, archery. i kinda of miss it.
according to Sharlene, this is the only glam shot that she likes. I had so much more lor!

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