Monday, March 23, 2009

Singapore Flyer

So to make up for the lack of posts for the previous days, (not to mention the increasingly weird conversation on skype), i decided to cycle with my camera and its various stuff down to the sheaers bridge to take a few photos of the sunset.

Originally the idea was to get up to shears bridge to take the sun setting behind the cbd buildings, but my food came late and i had to miss out on that trip, so i went to the easier spot instead, right below the singapore flyer, where the f1 track is.

The day was lovely and i spent about 1 hour just camping with my tripod at the same general area. Dint regret getting off my ass at all!

The day was really nice, so was the colour of the sky.







some of the pictures were taken with wide angle, some with the normal angle.

luckily they did not turn on these lights, if not it would ruin the other pictures..

its damn nice lar..(too bad my bike was next to the dustbin.. am too lazy to move it anyway)

This picture is using the "normal" exposure computed by the camera

this is what it actually looks like in real life. really different. but using these lowered exposures and tricks using exposure you can make this picture a lot nicer. thats why sometime you cannot trust that the place will look exactly like the picture..



HDR photo... its nicer than my previous HDRs but still needs a ton of improvement

Oh yeah, so we were having this 8 ppl or so conversation on skype, and it got too confusing as people were all talking at the same time, so a few people quit, and we continued our conversation on this skype chat thing.

This is part of the random and really weird conversation that we usually have everyday on skype (ok, this one is particularly gay).

[9:30:41 PM] Wyls says: CAN GO OUT FULL STRENGTH TMR
[9:30:45 PM] Chris says: HELL YEA
[9:30:49 PM] Chris says: -THRUST-
[9:31:10 PM] Chris says: lyk
[9:31:11 PM] Gaybee. says: yeah. we're not staying.
[9:31:13 PM] Chris says: can grow till .
[9:31:14 PM] darrenocl says: (ninja)
[9:31:18 PM] Chris says: 1k inch la
[9:31:27 PM] Gaybee. says: what the dong, wtf is that.
[9:31:31 PM] Chris says: LOL
[9:31:38 PM] Mini wang says: wtf

[9:34:42 PM] darrenocl says: (inlove)Greame (flex)
[9:34:50 PM] Gaybee. says: you ar?
[9:34:54 PM] Gaybee. says: you're in love with graenme?
[9:34:54 PM] Chris says: lyk mi la .
[9:34:57 PM] darrenocl says: no
[9:35:03 PM] darrenocl says: graeme's the dude
[9:35:10 PM] Gaybee. says: err..
[9:35:12 PM] Gaybee. says: wax my guns.
[9:35:16 PM] Chris says: wax ur bum la
[9:35:19 PM] Gaybee. says: let my cannon roar with desire.
[9:35:33 PM] Chris says: eh sian
[9:35:49 PM] Wyls says: You gimme a diana my cannon will roar.
[9:35:59 PM] Chris says: LOL
[9:36:03 PM] Wyls says: WHAT
[9:36:06 PM] Chris says: WTH
[9:36:08 PM] Chris says: DIANA LEH
[9:36:14 PM] Wyls says: LOL

Lol. Really really weird. Anyway, its all fun. i love skype.hahaha


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