Saturday, March 14, 2009

The day my flu made me do something productive.

preliminary cycling trip details below.

Woke up really early today as my nose was preventing me from sleeping peacefully. Stood at the kitchen window and watched the increasing activity at the nearby market. It was still 6.30 in the morning.

Tried to sleep again but to no avail, so i walked back to the window to watch the sky brighten. Contemplated getting off my lazy ass to take pictures of the sun rise from the nearby taller blocks of building, but took too long to decide and the sun was already quite high in the sky.

So, since i couldnt sleep, i decided to try and catch the rising sun at East Coast Park instead, although i know the sun was already quite high..

Cycled to East Coast and reached there by 7 plus, took a few pictures right after hitting east coast before keeping my camera and deciding to reach the end of east coast before taking more pictures instead.

Sunrise at ECP. Was actually brighter, but i purposely underexposed it.


if only the plane was closer..

Did not take not of the timing, but i was maintaining a constant 25km/h.. which was quite fast actually.

Stopped at the end of east coast, before taking more pictures, which took quite a long time but did not yield any good result. Stupid sun was up so fast.

The end of the end of east coast..

The random flowers at the side of the path..



Was standing there for quite long, and eventually got tons of bites from these idiots.. (and yay, i finally got a mosquito on camera...)

Too bad the sky wasnt cloudless, if not this picture would have been much nicer..

I love twisting paths..

arg.. not as good as it looked in real life..

After stopping for quite a while, I decided to head back at a slightly slower 24km/h.

Timed the run too, too bad it was saturday and there were lots of people, so i had to slow down for idiots who walk on the cycling tracks. I think i averaged 24km/h, as i also trailed the many road bikers that cycle past me. Followed in their slipstream at 30km/h before they moved on too far away to slipstream anymore, then dropping back down to 24km/h.

Oh yeah, and the weird things that i saw there... there were lots of men in fbts and tight singlets assembled at some place, and were still at the same spot and doing the same activity (standing in formation) when i returned..

I also saw a guy that wore some band just below his "man-boobs", he was running half naked with it.. like wtf. i thought only ----- did it lah..

Finished the whole east coast in 28mins, and reached the river near my house and saw this:

They finally got off their asses to dredge this part of the river, which is always stinking because of the build up of soil there. I pity the worker though, he was working in this crude river tractor, where the side "propellers" spills stinking river water into the "cabin" too..



Date: 18 March 2009 Wednesday
Distance: 40km +
Average Speed: Leisurely (17km/h +)
Meeting Place: Parkway Parade 7-11 (meet Chris)
Meeting Time: 8.50am
EST time taken: 3 hrs.
Route: East Coast Park to Changi Village (to have lunch) then back.
What to Bring: Water (impt), Money (lunch and bike rental), Waterproofing (for hp).

People Going:
not confirmed yet.


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