Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cycling - 9 MAR 2009. 60km. ECP - Pasir Ris Park - Changi Village - ECP

UPDATED 7 MAR. (changes to weather forecast,meeting location, meeting time and people going)

Cycling trip details.

Date: Monday 9 March 2009.
Time: 8.50am
Location: Parkway Parade 7-11 (already decided)
Distance: less than 60km
Route: ECP - Bedok Park Connector - Bedok Reservoir - Tampines Town - Pasir Ris Park - Changi Village (rest stop) - ECP.
Estimated time: 5hrs+
Bring: Money (rent bike:$7 per 2 hrs, lunch at changi village). Water proofing ziplock (for hp and stuff, in case it rains). Water bottle (must)

Route we taking: click to enlarge. its super big.

The new weather forcast...

Yup. we have a good time window from 9 to 12. from 12 to 3, we have 20% chance of rain..more like a drizzle. the only good thing is, there is 87% cloud cover. that means we will be cycling like mad when we go back. which STILL means 50% chance of you people getting cramps. lol.

We're taking advantage of that time window, by setting off as early as possible.

SO PLS DO NOT BE LATE! if not ill fry yr asses.

We try to meet earlier at 8.50. so we set off at 9.

As for why monday? Its the day which most people are free. so yeah. thats all. pls use e tagbox for any questions or complaints.

People Confirmed Going:
-Jia Qing
-Tiong Kiat


Ok. so hopefully the trip goes off without the hitch, with the exception of rain..sigh.

Well, Since today is kinda of a slow day, as i dont have my camera with me and dint go out.. i'll repost this really nice picture. this time in its full size, and full quality. For your downloading pleasure (and maybe as a desktop?haha)

im using blogger upload as this file is too big for image shack. so right click, and click "save image as..." to save this photo. this is the full size, uncropped and unresized ver of the flower shot. a happy 8mp for your cropping pleasure..haha

im using this shot as my destop background now.. yes im in love with it. even tho its slightly out of focus..
my desktop..

oh and check out the detail you can see here in this cropped shot of this..


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