Monday, March 23, 2009

And im still having my holidays!

Ok, if you read something gay and wrong in this post, blame it on Gabriel. We're on skype and hes playing gay super hero music. hahaha.

Yes, has been a long time (relatively) since i have blogged down here. Im too lazy, and im trying to create pictures here to post, (as in game play pictures and some map shit that photoshop keeps screwing up with).

At first, i wanted to post on the upcoming cycling trip, and the map that i propose we take, but after trying several times to merge the maps with photoshop, i have given up on it, and am too lazy to redo it. So thats for later, anyway there is no rush as the date for it has not been decided yet.

Talking about cycling, this time its at night. Yes, night cycling. That way we escape the sun and the potential bad weather.

The sun is really bad, how bad is it? As bad as making Joseph have tan lines. and hes already REALLY black.

Yup. thats how black i am compared to last time. (yes i always wear slippers to cycle).
(edit:shit i deleted that pic)

Screw cycling anyway, everyones like dropping here and there, with JQ going for his cosplay thing and Graeme getting a fever for men.

Forgot to add to the last post, during my dinner at my Grandmom's house, my cousin and i was discussing about "reverse tanning".

Just imagine one day you see this guy at east coast, wearing shoes with a thick v-shaped cutout on his feet, and wearing knee length stockings and boots, with elbow length leather gloves and a balaclava over his head. Naked for the rest of the body.

Yup. That would be me if i had carried out our crazy idea of reverse tanning. (my sister reasoned its not as bad cuz at least i had a balaclava over my head, so ppl dont know who i am :P)

One of the days Chris organised cycling for the usual group again, this time taking the "usual" route to Changi Village and back. Woke up feeling really sian, so did not join them. Yes, i can feel sian of cycling, im not no cycling freak.

I had already done about 140km plus in the last two days, although leisurely, its just too sian to go out by the same route again. If i had gone i would have brought them around pasir ris park, through the Kebangan park connector, which we still have not gone through before. but aghh.. cycling again. pft.

So i spent my day using the computer, luckily, i decided not to cycle as it rained heavily in the afternoon. Guess what, the river turned a chalky white, which is the first time it has happened. I can only guess what had turned them white, and most of my guesses only spawned more dirty jokes.

White river and some cement delivery system across the river..


My perverted-ness aside, i met with graeme and played with him till midnight.

That days dusk. was actually darker but i increased the exposure, giving it this eerie luminous look.


We played Call of Duty 4 over the internet. Whos the sick one now huh.

Yeah random shot while playing fifa 09. Stupid goal keeper went to tip this ball out even though its so far from the goal, and there is no opponents around (red shirt guy is in my team)

It was a really good game, as this was our first time playing Call of Duty 4 over the net (we usually play rfactor, a racing game). Played snipers only, and it created lots of excitement as it was really hard to spot each other in the foliage.

spot the other sniper in this (hint im like totally pointing straight at him)

yup, hes to the right of the crosshairs. thats why playing snipers online is so fun, super scary to get sniped suddenly from nowhere.

where again?.

hint: youre standing right next to him

down there luh!

another one for you to guess...

hes at the bush to the right...

Sorry if there is quite little photos, as im still using the "print screen" button to save screen shots, as i could not find a virus free keygen for my other screen shot program.

And as for the laggy servers that i create. Sorry. Somehow i keep pressing Ctrl-Shift at the same time, which turns on the Chinese typing mode. Which lags the hell out of the stupid computer. Stupid chinese type thing.

Talking bout stupid things on the computer, i recently formatted my laptop and got rid of all the useless dell shit, which made it startup faster. The new skype is shit, it takes a bit chunk out of yr desktop and its confusing as hell.

Yeah yeah bitch post there and there. But thats what you get when i dont have pictures to show..:D

Theres more to post, but im too lazy right now, talking with gaybee on skype and stuff.

Yeah, gaybee, thats Gabriel's nick. Which probablly came from that episode of Family guy with the talking bee which sounded really gay.

Moving on to other random subjects that cross my mind, F1 crosses my mind. skip this part if youre not interested.

F1 is going to start in one week, in Australia. If you havnt really been following F1, they had made several major rule changes for the 2009 season.

Easiest change that you will see? The shape of the car. To summarise they made it super ugly to encourage better racing.

Also, they have changed to slick tyres in 2009, instead of the threaded tyres they used in 2008 (you know, in 2008 the tyres have 4 grooves in them, slicks dont have grooves, which gives them more grip).

Renault. i love the composition of this shot.

Brawn GP, without their sponsors..

The reason why im so upbeat about the new season is because the performance difference between teams is really really close. Previous years teams that have not been doing well are now doing very well compared to the usual front runners, namely Ferrari and McLaren.

Furthermore some of these previously "uncompetitive" teams might even be able to win a few races and break the Ferrari/Mclaren monopoly of the top step. Especially Brawn GP, which is formerly Honda, which pulled out of F1 because of the current economical toilet bowl.

More Brawn GP pictures..

Toyota, shifting down the gears, thus the fire at the exhausts. Cant rmb the term for this though..

The reason the team has been putting out top times can be due to the fact that they have started development of their 2009 car way ahead of their competition, neglecting their 2008 car in the process, thus thats why 2008 sucked for them.

The other reason for that is that they are running way lighter than allowed, going a lot faster than the rest and attracting sponsors to fund their 2009 development costs.(f1 cars are designed below the minimum weight limit, so that they can move weights around the car to balance it better and make it corner easily)

Toyota again, testing at Jerez Cricuit.

Ferrari are somewhat at the top (not considering Brawn GP), and behind them its really close and hard to tell. The teams are really close in terms of speed and it makes for an exciting season to come.

One things for sure is that McLaren are having trouble with their development. They have been consistently slower than the rest of the field by 1 to 2 seconds (which is a lot, considering the difference between other teams are usually 0.100 of a second)

Mclaren with "soft" tyres, this year they identify the soft tyres with green bands around its side.

Mclaren again with wet tyres..

The fact that they kept switching the rear wings between 2 versions of the 2009 specification wing and the 2008 wing shows that they are having problems with getting grip to the rear wheels. (2008 wing produces more downforce/grip than 2009 wing due to the new rules).

(at this moment Graeme says "theres so much fun in forcing" and "they went to ha-ha that place") yup totally gay conversation on skype... (i know totally random snippet here..)

They are also using this method of "air-flow paint", which suggests that their aerodynamic calculations in the computer were wrong and they are now going back to the basics by "painting" the air flow around the real car and comparing it to their computer model. (air-flow paint is a paint they put somewhere infront of the car, and then they give the car a short drive. when it comes back the paint would be smudged on various parts of the car, which suggests the air flow pattern around the car)


Red Bull. Love this shot too..

So Mclaren are in trouble, but i guess they will fix it really fast as they have huge resources available to them compared to other teams.

Anyway, if i had to rank them for the next season, i would rank them like this:
1.Brawn GP
3.BMW/Renault/Red Bull/Toyota
7.Mclaren/Williams/STR Ferrari
10.Force India

(oh the shots were not shot by me. like duh. credit goes to whoever photographed these photos which i koped from some place else.)

Thats all for the F1 stuff, im too lazy to write more as i have to dumb down all the F1 terms as most of the readers don't follow F1..haha.
Not like you're in luck anyway, as when school starts this blog will get more and more technical, as i would be posting the cool things Ive learnt in Aerospace engineering here and using it to analyse F1 cars (hopefully).

Lastly, im still having my friggin holidays. Suck it JC ppl..hahaha.

oh and suck it too Daniel, you're missing out on all the fun in Singapore. :D


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