Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tuesday - Marina Barrage

Im planning a trip to Marina Barrage on Tuesday. Time, most likely afternoon.
Although i'd prefer morning.

So heres the plan:

If meeting in the afternoon:
Time we meet: 2pm
Place we meet: Marina Bay MRT station (red line)
Way to there: Either Bus 400, or walk bout 1km.
What to do there: dunno. picnic.. lol?
Going back: Either walk to Tanjung Rhu, bus there 158 (1km+), walk to kallang mrt (2km+) or walk back same way.
Estimated time taken: who knows.
Activity after: Dinner? Lan?

If meeting in the morning:
Time we meet: 10am
Place we meet: Marina Bay MRT Station (red line)
Way there: same
What to do: same
Going back: same
Estimated time: same
Activity after: I suggest we walk to kallang go eat the prawn noodles there.. anyone? (lunch)

Heres the map, red line shows path we walk.. and on the right hand side is tanjung Rhu.

People who can go so far:
-Jia Qing
-Joseph Ng

Ok, there is another poll at the bottom, pls do the poll. (i havnt figured out how to put the poll at the same place as the post)

Before you do decide though, think about the weather and stuff..
Weather forecast:Tuesday
Chance of a Thunderstorm. Partly Cloudy. High: 32 °C . Wind East 10 km/h . Chance of precipitation 50% (water equivalent of 3.15 mm).

In the morning, there might be less chance of rain..
But in the afternoon, if it rains, we might get to see the water rushing thru the gates at the barrage.. (well call me weird but i find it interesting..)

so yeah, do the poll.. and also, if you have any suggestions (or anyone i miss out who want to go on the trip as well) pls type on the tagboard..


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