Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

It was Earth hour yesterday and i thought i could go up to the shears bridge to take photos of the CBD area with lights off and see how cool that would be. Did not really expect much though, and was hoping more to take pictures of that area without the glare of the construction lights at the future IR site. Maybe even take stars if the lights are dim enough.

It was pathetic to say the least.

When the lights went out i did not even realise until i saw people lighting candells below the bridge that i was on.

It was so boring and anti-climatic, that it would have been more exciting finding yourself stuck in a slow lift with a full bladder than standing there looking at singapore "turn off" their lights.

But enough of the stupid shit, here are some photos.

Oh yeah, one day i intend to bring some more people up on the shears bridge, its way way way cool when a fully loaded truck drives past, the bridge bounces slowly in the wind. Thats why most of my shots are blurred too..

thats earth hour for singapore. still frigging bright.

So much for earth hour on the flyer too, although they switched off the cabin lights on the flyer, they still rented an extra generator at the jetty to power these spot lights..sheesh.

the candle light picnic or something downstairs, which saw many really really sian faces sitting there probablly wondering why the hell they needed candles.


it was kinda of weird to do these shots, as i had to go really near their "box". imagine some weird outsider crouching really near yr picnic "box" taking pictures of candles.. yup.

i went up the bridge again to take some more shots.

Went down this part at a really fast 45km/h, nearly did not brake fast enough before the stairs..phew

after the earth hour, where the crowd that "took part" in earth hour drive their fuel guzzling cars home, causing a jam and probablly increasing the amount of green house gases than if earth hour never happened. (its all a publicity stunt. Doesnt mean that you switch off your lights you will produce less greenhouse gas. Its not like using water from your tap, where you save water by not using it. Electricity cant be stored like water in a tank, when you switch off lights, the electricity you "save" essentially dissappers. in the end you actually produce green house gases for nothing in return)


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