Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cycling 17 MAR 09. 40km ECP-Changi Village

Cycling Trip Details.
Date: Tuesday 17 March 09.
Time to Meet: 8.50am
Place to Meet: The 7-11 Near Parkway Parade.

Distance: 40km+
Route: ECP to Changi Village thru Changi Beach and Back.
Estimated time taken: 3hrs +
Estimated Speed: Leisurely 17km/h ++

Things to Bring: Water (impt), Money (bike rental and lunch), Water proofing (for hp). Bring a set of clothes in case it rains (very optional)

Other notes: Lunch is at Changi Village. Breakfast take first before arriving. Cost of Bike rental= $7 for 1 hr, buy 1 hr get 1 hr free.. (so essentially $3.50 per hr)


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