Tuesday, March 10, 2009

pedophile? more like philedope

So what happened today was, 2 people came to my house asking for my father. Turns out that some malay kid had wrapped his clothes around his face and stood at the lift lobby all naked.

So this girl.. ok not that young lah, bout 2 yrs older than me i think.. walked by the lift lobby intending to take the lift up to her house, but upon seeing this naked malay boy, she tried to walk away.

apparently the boy tried to chase her and do something funny and this old man from the same block intervened and managed to catch the boy.

They (as in the girl and her father? or the boy? im hazy on details as my father answered them) then went to the police post to report.

The police then said that they could not do any action to the boy unless there is more than one witness to support the claim. The boy had denied any wrong doing and the police hinted that if they could not find one more witness by 48 hrs, they would have to let the boy go.

So what does the victim has to do? She has to find that man who helped her, by spending time searching the whole block for this guy!

essentially, shes doing the work of the slothful police!

sheesh. stupid lazy police, shouldnt they be the ones who are finding the witnesses?

Perhaps the police can also use their brains a bit. Why would she want to frame this malay boy, who has no relation or whatsoever to her at all? So does this mean you can get away with stuff just because you deny any actions you do and because there are no witnesses?

poor her, now she has to find this helpful guy within 15 stories of this block.

btw, the malay boy had a pretty good reason to chase her.. if u know what i mean :P (not that i support that malay kids actions at all.)

stupid police.


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