Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Long Week Ahead.

Im totally going to catch up on past events down here, so here goes..

Configuration Day, the day we signed up to have our computers configured to SP's standards and stuff. Met JQ, Chris, Graeme, Billy at Dover mrt before finding our way to the computer labs.

Generally wasted our time there installing stuff from the dvd disks that the people gave us there. Had quite a few problems and everyone took really long to start installing things. Had AVG anti virus removed and replaced for McAfee, which really sucked as AVG had a higher detection rate of Virusses compared to McAfee. Dont even mention Norton here.

We couldnt remove McAfee as we had to access the SP servers and their system checked for McAfee so that viruses do not spread through their net work. The worse thing is that we could not exchange it for AVG as it was "school policy" that we used McAfee.

Sucks, but the only thing good about all this crap was that they gave us a legit copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition, and the full Visual Studios Suite 2008 for free. Some even got Windows Vista for free (if they were using the mac). Damn.

So burned 3 hrs there, and we generally all played Restaurant City, the new facebook playfish game. Which is quite fun. hahah

Most of us did not finish configuring in time, so we decided to take the disks back home to do it ourselves instead . (yes before that we did not know we could go home with the disks. damnnit).

Missed lunch so we decided to have buffet at Harbour Front's Sakae Sushi.

Ordered a bitching ton of food that we couldnt finish and squished 2 tofus and 6 pieces of potato thingi under the stack of plates. hahaha.

Chris has some photos that i will post later once he sends me all the pictures.

Left them and slouched at home while playing Restaurant city. Wasted time on msn until 2.30am before i finally went to sleep.

Missed the first session with JQ, Ryan and Billy, as they went to sp again at 10am to finish their laptop shit and post their scholarship thing. So i took the second session with Chris, Wilson, Perry and Dong.

Met them at dover and wasted time finding the computer lab to return our dvd disks that we took home yesterday, and totally wasted my time because i left 1 disk in my laptop, so i had to return it another day. stupid.

Went to the arts and communications block to submit our scholarship thing too, and we ran into some problems as we did not bring the check list, so we went down to the library to print the checklist from online.

Twiddled with two printing machines before realising that we were twiddling with the wrong machines. Printed and lost a few cents from our ez link card (they had this cool ez-link card payment thing, which i couldnt use as i was on Giro. damn)

Summited our stuff and we went to Queensway IKEA to have lunch, minus dong, which had to meet dara at dobhy ghaut. Ate some stuff and slouched there taking about how weird we will seem to others when the school starts before we moved off in search of a better blanket for our future stay over.

got sidetracked when we got the idea of prank calling random people. hahah.

Totally failed and decided to go home.

That was today, a totally summarised version which missed out some really funny parts that i cant remember.

Anyway, tomorrows the optional orientation camp for the engineering faculty's first year students. Gonna be at st Johns island for a few days till sunday, which hopefully ends early enough for me to catch the Malaysian GP. hahah. Till then, there will be no posts (obviously).

Now gotta pack for that damn camp.


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