Thursday, April 23, 2009

stuff i learn at school.

8am again.
Time for programming class.
Wasnt as bad as the first lesson though, as we got more hands on work.
I realise that its going to be quite difficult to keep up with the class if you miss just one lesson, as we usually learn really important things.

So we learnt about the "keywords" like char, int, double, which is quite confusing early on but after some practice you get to know it really well.

the "int" command tells the computer that there is a whole number.
the "double" command tells the computer that there is a number with a decimal.
char command tells the computer that there are alphabets.

There are many more, like the very commonly used "printf", which is telling the computer to show something that is typed after printf. for ex:

printf("blah blah\n");

This would tell the computer to display the words "blah blah". the "\n" behind blah blah tells the computer to start the next sentence on the next line. or something like the enter button when typing in microsoft word.

ScreenHunter_01 Apr. 23 20.58

Theres a screenshot of one of the homework they gave us to do, where we are supposed to write a program that solves a math problem. Its not a calculator actually, as you do not imput any value into the program. its more like a really really simple calculator.

We had normal math this time round, which was really really easy compared to the calculus dip plus math that im doing now..

Oh yeah, theres a new tagboard up, as for some reason the old one has some problems. Changed the provider too, in hope that the stupid spammers disappear (but its very unlikely..) oh well...


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