Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2nd day of school.

Its the second day of school, and im already hating math.

Anyway, in the morning was this lesson that was essentially "hao gong ming" in the pri school days. SIGH. total waste of time. furthermore we get a stupid assignment about going to the library and suggesting on how to improve it.

We got to see some videos about what the final year DARE (thats our course short form) students are doing for their final year project. something about remotecontrol planes and stuff. The coolest one was the plane that could take off vertically like a helicopter by tilting its engine, then becoming a plane again by tilting it back to its norm position. IM SO PUMPED FOR THIS COURSE. CANT WAIT FOR MY FINAL YEAR ALREADY! ok.. right.

After that, was the C programming class. Although i have done programming before, this is the first time in 4 years i have actually programmed something. Furthermore, previously, i;ve been using a simpler language called Visual Basic, whereas this one im learning is called C. So a little difference.

The teacher talked slowly and at the introduction of the lesson i dozed off a few times, then when we started to do some practical did the interest kick back in.

The lessons objective was just to familiarize us with how to use the program and the really basic rules like for example, // before some words means that the program would ignore whatevers after the slashes. This is really good to use as sometimes you get lost in your own program, to prevent that from happening, usually after a few lines, its good to type out notes so that you understand what this codes above does.

And i've learnt that the hard way in the past.

So we learnt really basic stuff, starting the programs we created and debugging. Saving and creating new projects.

They gave us notes like this to show us the steps. We also had to copy down the code just for practice on how to debug and start the created programmes.
But since i had some free time, i read the codes to try and understand them and its really all coming back to me now. The int and the var and things like that. Its like riding your bike again after not riding for years. It just comes back.

Cool stuff, im kinda of happy that they included programming in my course. Though the teacher is a little boring.. sigh.

Break-ed for lunch, which was super crowded everywhere. Then went to the dip plus math class. A 3 hr long math class.

They taught us more about the modulus thing, which still is a little confusing to me, then moved on to a new subject of functions. That was pretty easy, but the class dragged on for 30mins more than the allocated time.

Ended school and went off to take the mrt home with my classmates. On the way, i got to know Wei Jun a little more. Apparently he cycles too. Cool stuff there, though he lived in pasir ris.haha. oh well.

Totally forgot to post pictures of yesterdays pool session too, as i had too many pictures to sort through, so ill just post them here..

Played pool yesterday rmb? Hector down here after owning all of us at bowling the other day.

Should have focused on the red ball. I like how the 3 balls close to the camera lines up.

yeahh. still cant rmb whats that supposed to represent. Anyway, jeremy here, the irritating prankster. He looks more like a sherman though.

yeahhh, lewis cow is in the same class as me. Totally gay right. like 5 years in the same class.

Iylas looking cool, and Nathaniel in the foreground.

lol some cool exel program that Hong Yi had that played music when you hit the keys.


Yup. Nat there getting it on behind the pool table. (shit now im making my new classmates look gay.hahahaha)

Thermodynamics books and the calculus book, which totally burnt out the fifties in my wallet. and look how thick that stupid calculus book is.

some of the pages from the thermodynamics book. totally mind boggling.


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