Monday, April 13, 2009

6 Months, and its still not enough..

School has finally started!

Ok, not that I really welcome the start of school. Neither do i loath the start of school.

Its kinda of like, 70% dislike school starting to 30% like school starting.

Im still really enjoying my long long holidays, which, even at 6 months long, doesnt feel that long. I'd say 1 year is long, but 6 months just felt like the december holidays a long time ago, like during the Pri 3 to 4 days. Time sped up for some reason, and i hate that.

Of course, I totally missed the day before school starts to post a post, speculating about the new people i will meet and hows my class going to be like and what not. Well, but i was too busy being out with the guys and when i came home, i couldnt resist the urge to play Rome:Total War (yes, again..), so i did not even bother to blog.

So, heres the "Aftermath" post, which, since I finally got somewhat bored of Rome:Total War, and because i have quit the really distracting skype conversation with the rest (which featured Wilson singing "white and nerdy" really badly), I am here to type out the post about today, and yesterday.

Starting off with today, woke up with the same feeling as the previous 4 years of going to school. Tired, cant think straight, do mundane things without thinking, shivering in the morning coldness and stepping on icy floor tiles. It sucked.

The only additional thing i had to do was find clothes that match and wear them. Which really taxed my mind as it requires me to switch on the lights. Yes, in previous years, i do everything in the dark, because its the same action again and again for 4 years, its kinda of obvious where things are after a while. Not this time anyway.

Got out on time and started to time my journey to school, which took around 26min from exiting my house to Dover. Not including waiting time for lifts and trains.. Waited for JQ and Ryan to arrive before heading off to the meeting point.

Sat in the auditorium for a long time, which was boring and i had to constantly keep myself from dosing off. It finally stopped at 10am and after that we went to our classes. Found out that Lewis was in the same class as me, so was some of my friends that i met in the MM Camp at St John Island, and some of which i met at the SYFC.

Got off to a good start, and not before long, our whole class was getting together so well that the tutor had a hard time keeping us quiet (and also from walking across the room to chat with some random people).

I like my class, although it only featured 2 girls among 15 boys (sigh). Well at least most of us are outgoing. Spent time touring the the school and stuff before we were released. Our Class decided to eat at KFC, before some went to play pool and the rest decided to go back together.

Talked on the train with about 1/3 of the class going the same way and almost did not realise it when i reached my stop.

Going to poly feels really different from school though. I come from 10 years of SAP schools, so its kinda of weird talking to other races, and there are really different groups of people at SP. I keep on forgetting that anyone of any age can join a Poly, and its kinda of weird if some one mentions driving a car and stuff like that.

Other than that, its all fun, cept tomorrow, which sees us doing some training on how to use their internal systems and stuff, and on Thrusday, which is flag day.

Now on to Yesterdays events, which Chris originally organised, but was MIA until that late afternoon..

Chris organised a "last" gathering, which was to be a dinner at somewhere. Then on Sunday, when people tried to contact him, his phone was turned off.

Beaver called and told me that Chris went to malaysia. I was like wtf.

Anyway, we eventually ate at Kenny Rogers in Suntec which totally burned a hole in our pockets, then later, we wandered into Toys 'R Us and messed around.. Darren didnt join us in toys r us though, which according to him, its lame. Well true, but we had fun there, still better than going to the toilet while we messed around in the toy shop... or isit?

dunno how to caption this lah...

Check out Wilson to the right, totally going nuts upon seeing that old man..

The people who went, which sadly, did not include Gabriel, Graeme and JQ. Darren, Andrew, WeiQi and Beaver is at the other table..

Totally look like some old dude lah, sipping on some tea, with slowly whitening hair.. (yes wilsons has tons of white hair)

Chris working Heinz hard..

Billy getting all of Heinz...

Totally like some sweet couple lah..

Money, totally difficult to calculate with all the gst and shit.

Oh man what happened to darren lah, he was so fun in sec 4. Totally different now lah

Fooling around with long shlongs made of foam..

Wilson totally enjoying himself.

Chris making his sword a slut.

Ryan is more interested in long shlongs than the barbie sections...

yeah, we were really having fun with long shlongs..

Gabriels favourite toy.

Graemes favourite toy.

Mesmerized by some advert....

Lol, c what tv does.. it totally controls you.. you just cant get away no matter what..

After that our group split with Darren and WeiQi as she had to sleep early for Poly and the rest of us didnt really care about sleeping early, so we went to the playground to play some catching game. hahaha.

At the playground..

Perrys totally stumped.

well, yeah... (check out the terror in the dolphins eyes..)

Went back in and Beaver, Perry, Andrew and one more guy which i cant remember left for home. So me, Chris, Ryan, Wilson and Billy went to the arcade to spend time. Totally wasted our time there lah.

Wasted our time playing some kids version of spot the difference..

Which was really really really really lame.

The arcade was closing so we eventually went home, but not to rest - the rest wanted to play gunbound! like totally shit lah- GABRIEL, ALL YOUR FRIGGIN FAULT..hahaah


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