Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Looking Back at March. Part 1.

So todays my free day, which i should have made full use of but was too busy playing... Yup, u guessed it. Rome Total War. Im addicted to that game man, just cant get off it.

I had tons of stuff that i had to do but i havnt.

I had to fix the stupid SP email shit that is so screwed up, but i havnt called them yet. I havnt got my stationaries ready for school yet (i only have a 1/4 full pen and some rulers, totally lost the rest). Supposed to add all my classmates emails and stuff but didnt, didnt backup my photos, dint buy laptop accesories, didnt get the cleaning kit for my camera.. Tons.

Well at least im getting one task done. Blog.

Actually, it isnt really what i wanted to blog about anyway. Todays post was supposed to feature some sunset atop this nearby structure called the Shears Bridge. Food came late so i missed the sunset. Damn.

Yup, a boring post here. I guess i spend too much time with my friends and not scouting nice locations for photography. (and due to being really lazy too, like today). I wonder if i still have time to go out and photograph places once school starts.

Talking about school though, i forgot to add in the previous post, that on EVERYday, my class starts at 8am. Yeah.. like school again. Mixed feelings for it though, for one, im happy that i get to end school early and get the whole day to myself. Bad thing is, i still have to wake up early in the morning, just like in the previous years. arg.

Oh well, i guess i can use this post to recap my previous month since i did not do a picture roundup for that month. March it is...

So here are some pictures that i want to repost, either because I feel its nice, or it tells a story about a particularly significant day or something..

Going backwards, starting from the most recent and then moving back. I like this panning shot.

Cycling at the Kebangan Park Connector for the first time with the guys..(or siglap park connector, something like that)

My first few proper lightning shots. Took quite a bit of patience but it paid off.

Singapore Earth Hour. It was pathetic, with most of the lights still on. I wish for a fish eye lens for this shot tho.

Singapore Earth Hour again, where there was an "earth hour" event going on at the singapore flyer, so i cycled there to check it out.

Still Earth Hour. And no, they didnt turn off the street lights, i just underexposed this picture.

Back to MSHS, with JQ and his full army uniform and fake pimped up AK.

Would work well as a desktop picture. Taken outside MSHS.

I like this shot. Taken behind his shoulder at the nearby "woods" outside MSHS

At Yishun Mrt, Gabriel totally checking out this dude.. Hahah, i love the way his specs focusses on that dude.

Playing Pool at Yishun SAFRA. I like this shot.

I like this shot too.

Following Gabriel to this Methodist walk thing. Hahah, yeah, totally cool positions eh. Taken by Gabriel.


Stupid google messed up. Didnt save my god damn post. Shit, so there will be a part 2 to this stupid thing, as its too late to retype everything now. I've got some stupid flagday crap and have to go to boonlay by 7.30am for it. gotta sleep now.


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