Friday, April 10, 2009

The last "G.O. PARTY" at Wilsons..

Like the title, its the last one before school starts for all of us freshies. Of course, hopefully not the last one though.

Tuesday, almost right after i came back from my orientation camp, Chris organised this stayover at Wilsons house. The rest started off early and went to Bugis to shop or something, but i was too busy unpacking and playing Rome:Total War that i missed out on that part of the trip. Not that i wanted to go shopping anyway, lugging around my 3kg laptop.

In addition to not doing what my shirt shows, you too, should not... in public..

Actively stare out the window in desperate search of a chio bu at geylang on a bus.. (on the bus, as we were passing geylang, this guy was like super active, his head was constantly snapping from side to side checking out chio bus... Yes. Can you imagine one fully packed bus with this type of people, and when it reaches the busstop, the bus completely empties? Yes, true story. Try taking bus 100 right after dinner. and the old men can at least exercise more restraint...)

Dont be pedophilic on the bus.. yes, check out wilson to the left.. totally having ideas..

Dont use the guitar to pole dance..

After dinner, I Syncro-bused with the rest and reached Wilsons house, in desperate need for the toilet. (like why did i type that anyway.) Probablly drank a ton of water for dinner and spent most of the night nursing my poor bladder while playing GunBound.

Yes. GunBound.

I know... its like... watching teletubbies, or singing along with Barney.. Or imagining Gabriel helping wax some dude...
ScreenHunter_02 Apr. 10 22.20
yup, he totally told us on skype that he wanted to wax some dude..

Ok back on topic. It was somewhat a lan party, everyone brought their laptops and i brought a few games for them to install. (like call of duty, battlefield.. these type)

And in the end... We played Gunbound. (yeah, all blame it on gabriel)

Totally no hope liao lah.

So anyway, played Gunbound the whole night, until one by one people started falling asleep. I started playing Rome:Total War on my laptop while Chris went to chiong his runescape. sigh.

Dont Do what billy is doing/watching...

Or do what i am doing...

You shouldnt Enjoy what i am doing..

or Unpack a child trap...

hump my head...

hump my head twice...

hump my head only realising that you left your webcam on..

Dont Use the belt in an inappropriate way..

Dont Go to a lan party to play gunbound.

Dont Enjoy playing gunbound.. (Wilson to the left....)

or bring barbie dolls to a all boys stayover..

and Secretly look through my phone while im playing Gunbound..

Do not Play adult versions of gunbound... (the map looked weird.)

and Have a huge shlong at a stayover...

or Force two people to live out your fantasies (Billy totaly demonstrating what not to do.)

and have some gay homo cartoon picture as your desktop wallpaper.. (billys gay laptop)

neither should you do this...

Chris is like totally weird, as pointed out by Gaybee, he stays up until 6am before sleeping everyday, and chiongs runescape. Normally ppl chiong game is to level up their fighting skills or whatever. Chris levels his wood cutting skills.. Lol.

Got bored of Rome total war and challenged Chris to 1v1 Gunbound. Then got even more bored and went back to playing Rome Total War..

Eventually went to sleep at 6.30am, before waking up at 9am to play CS with Billy, Ryan and Chris (the rest were still asleep). They eventually woke up and we played more gunbound until 2pm (yeah, everyone was waiting for nak to come out before we stopped playing... dint even come out in the end).

Dont Go through ppls clothes when they are asleep..

or Stayup until the morning playing runescape..

neither should you Get so excited on a bed with 2 other people of the same sex.

and then Play Gunbound right after waking up.

or Be happy about this (Totally failed at tying his legs up. Gab trapped me between his legs. totally gay, i know.)

Chris went home early and me, Gab, Ryan and Billy stayed and slacked for about 2 hrs before finally leaving Wilsons house. (the 2 hrs were spent pissing off Wilson who wanted us to get out, presumebally, because he wanted to watch some duden meisters battle it out...)

LAstly, dont check out duden meisters ... (like wilson here)


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