Friday, April 10, 2009


Ahh, a long time since i've blogged (of course not counting that apology post...).

So, to start off, i'll go with the earliest event lest i forget everything i did there, which i already did. So heres a really short summary of the camp...

Went to the camp with Ryan and JQ, although later we got split up into separate groups.

The first day wasn't really fun, we had to constantly come up with cheers and stuff, and we were playing irritating team building games with our own team, which usually results in forfeits, even though we completed the challenge properly and stuff.

We had to create a group name, then a group cheer, and a food cheer, and cheers for other random reasons the people there can crap out.

That night we played a cool game at some basket ball court, which was really simple.

The idea was to burn the 3 strings at the opponents base, and everyone would be given a candle to do that. The other rule is you can blow the opponents candles out only if your candle is lighted. If it is not lighted or blown out, you had to rush to the center to relight the candle.

It was really difficult to play as it was really windy there. But it was fun.

This was also the game that we named this guy "LOL" , as in Lump of Lard. This is because this fat guy kept cheating in that game, he also keeps targeting the girl in the other team..hahah

The second day was much more fun, we generally played against the other teams some new games that i couldn't remember. That night, we did the night walk, which was walking around the island at night with the seniors trying to scare us.

Joined JQ's group as my group had odd number of people and we had to go in pairs, so i went to JQ's group instead. We were the second in the group to go, as i wanted to bathe and sleep as early as possible.

The first station was some what good. The acting was really good and so was the make up, which creeped me out a little, the second and the third were funny, and i couldnt take the third station seriously as the "Guide" there was some really hyper senior and i kept laughing at her because she just couldnt be pictured as "scary"... forth scared me cuz "momo" (my GL) ran up behind us and jacked off my leg. Totally did not expect that. And some other random stations after that.

Well it was fun, but could have been more fun if they did not force us to take the designated path. (me and JQ wanted to flank the "ghosts" position to scare them instead, but the places they hide are usually not heavily wooded area, so we could not go behind them)

Later that day we heard from the seniors that LOL went to extra and climb up some dark steps acting brave. Later they heard him shouting "code red" on top of the staircase..hahah (code red is something like help, i dont want to play anymore)

Third day we played a few games before the rain stopped us from playing anymore. Water bombing was really fun, where our team just ignored winning by toppling the objective, instead we just aimed all our bombs at "LOL", much to the delight of the seniors..(yes the seniors did not like LOL too. hahah. had our last dinner there (which was really good!) and played the "bapo" night (duno how its spelled). oh yeah, we were also forced to "superman" the whole day. Yup, with the underwear outside..hahahah

This is where we dress up one of our teammates to look like a girl. Was really funny and laughed our ass out.

Campfire night later, where we presented our "girls" to the judges, which was also males dressed up as females (and they really looked like real..hahaha). Did lots of weird stuff that is sicker than what i can think off. hahaha. Worse than a gay party, although there were only 6 participants..

After that, we did our skits (acts). Which saw many groups acting out lame stories. including ours. (and yes if you were wondering, the story was really influenced by me, thats why the hunter was horny (and also becuase the actor was momo...) and all the random weird stuff is in our act..hahahah) Too lazy to type out details here lah.

Finished the skits, then discoed night till they ran out of music to play at 4am.

woke up tired and we all took the boat home.

There, a really lousy summary from me about the camp. Its really much harder to type out stuff without pictures, as i cant remember (or am too lazy to type) the stuff that we did there.

Feelings bout the camp? It was really fun, those in sp should have joined it (even if youre in another faculty). The food was the best camp food ever. Its really a different world in poly. There are many people of different ages, even though youre in the same year as them. Its a new experience mixing with lots of ppl from different races (i've been in a sap school for like 10 years already). And its somewhat harder to put your ideas across, not like in MSHS... (im just stating a fact, not insulting anyone)

yeah thats all..

(as for the title, thats our group name. And believe me, its was not my idea..)

And if you had watched f1 today, hahah it was really good, until they stopped the race and allowed the commentators to talk about nothing for 1 hr...

Yup, theres a really sad amount of girls in my Faculty. (this only my group, there were 3 other groups there.)

Yeah, some of the GLs and the extra seniors..haha


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