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Cosplay at SP

Ok, heres a post to make up for my lack of photos.

sigh, another mind-boggling 60 photos to post. Copy paste copy paste for the next hour.

Anyway, on tuesday, we had nothing really fruitful. We learnt more commands from c programming, and totally got better at it, and died in math class, as we were taught limits and stuff.

Its really funny actually. In calculus class, the teacher would teach this certian equation and would ask the students if they understood. In our class, it would always be met with comments like "GG liao" or requests to drop diploma plus (which is calculus).

Well of course that does not include Shermaine, who usually understands what the teacher says having gone to JC before the came to poly.

Seeing us being so low on morale, our teacher told us that what we were learning was "University Math". Well, ok. That boosted our morale a bit but it still does not help you pass the exams.

That was tuesday.

Today we had some lab lessons for the Electrical engineering module, where we got to play with the usual electricity and resistors, ammeters and whatnot.
Then it was on to workshop sessions at W12, doing Engineering materiels module.

and of course, we start off our day with jeremy doing some really gay stuff.

followed by lewis living up to the marist spirit.

shermaine totally cam whoring.

and iylas trying to ignore the daily shenanigans.

Way cool man. I love workshop sessions man.

We got to test the strength and toughness of different materiels like brass, copper and steel.
Got to break the materiel with this heavy weight swinging thing, and then we could see the different types of breakages or something.

If i could remember correctly, brass was fibrous or something, thus its brittle (the part where it broke looked really fibrous). Copper was - shit cant remember. just know that it doesnt break but bend thats all. Steel was a mix of both. it still broke but it could withstand more force before it broke.

We also got to do some tensile strength testing, where we got to pull this rod of some materiel until it broke (using a machine of course). Totally cool esp when the rod started to "neck" (which is the term for the thinning of the materiel just before it breaks, like the rod tapers towards the center before breaking).

Cool because its a metal rod and normally, you cant imagine metal stretching and tapering when pulled. So, cool new stuff that i learnt today.

Anyway, we ended really early so 1/3 of the class went to the library to "mug". Which just involved intensive screen sucking and dota-ing.

Me and Joel REALLY STUDIED. ok fine. more like we did our required homework. sigh. Almost finished it after lots of head scratching, and had to rush off to find JQ, Billy and Graeme.

Handed in my GIRO form thingi then walked awkwardly (with my calculus book in my hand and 2 large cameras dangling around my neck) to foodcourt 5, where i met graeme trying to find JQ and billy in some toilet.

Waited a long time for JQ to literally strap himself into his cosplay costume, while i chatted with Graeme's friend and totally made him think im weird. As in TOTALLY.

Graeme and his friend are alike. Checking out dudes in the vicinity.

checking his left, right and center.

and being completely satisfied that he is surrounded by a sea of gorgeousness. (shit if he sees my blog.. im totally dead. hahahah. shit)

Billy was supposed to take over JQ's camera for the day but he was totally lazy.

yeah, we were bored. JQ totally took damn long to strap in.

Graeme took this, its like hes totally fascinated by the various plumbing appliances in the males toilet.

im still jealous of JQ. Damn his father just gave him a freaking 50D. I just love that camera

yup, now we know why Graeme locked himself in the toilet for so long. Totally fascinated in suggestively shaped plumbings.

JQ was taking really long, so we went over to the area outside foodcourt 5, to check out the cosplay event. Totally did not even look like anything was really happening there. Lol at that point i really felt embarrassed for JQ. We were both imagining JQ just being the only cosplayer there. hahah.

To our relief, and maybe JQ's (even though he might not know), just before JQ arrived a few cosplayers came and did some random stuff down there. They generally did nothing much, just posing for the crowd of photographers/chee koh pehs and danced to this japanese song that i guess its really popular. lol.

Lol the cosplay "event".

Lol check that guy out. Graeme likes. (they were having some football trails downstairs)

and finally, one cosplayer arrives, followed by a bunch of "photographers"

Did some posing for us..

NOPE hes not a cosplayer, but im too lazy to put this photo somewhere more appropriate. Lol only my marist friends would understand this picture. Lol total prayer boy lookalike.

Geetting interviewed by the host or something. apparently, she spent 1k on the costume. Woah.

Lol the 'crowd' that gathered. i actually expected a larger crowd since its actually an open event. And check out that dude in the middle of the background. Totally "cool" luh.

I still suck at event photography. I should have used my flash.

Naruto or something looking all out alone out there...

even though he has a fan.

"random dude: aww dont be sad, heres this mortal combat looking guy with some hardcore bondage shit"


Lol JQ totally grabs this random guy

and totally drags this dude around.

awww, the poor host (or something)

JQ gets interviewed. Totally weird as he didnt sound "mortal combat" like enuf. hahaha


lol the rest of the cosplayers were really hyped up because that "famous" japanese song was playing.

yup hes still being tied up and singaporeans being singaporeans, only stand around to kay poh.

Another cosplayer. I realise lots of them just dress in japanese school uniforms.

Met perry at fc5 and we went out to see JQ.

awww, comeon, turn around. dont only dance for that photographer...

look, hes like not even taking pictures anyway, just admiring you ladies...

Yup, turn over here, where the Duden meister is hangin'n Out! HELL YEAH.

and they did the dance once more as they totally screwed up the previous round. and woah, check out what the maid looking like cosplayer is holding. did someone call out solo. totally

Man, im weird. People who dont already know me muz already know that im Really really weird. its like, its a caption and im not even referring to the photo.

dance dance dance.



taken specially for your viewing pleasure graeme. Lol.

The dudes going at it all by himself. Totally out of place. Nowonder JQ doesnt want to join the dance.. even though he knows it really well.....

I realise that 3/4 of the crowd there were actually photographers.

ninja in the subway (in those toy commercials with the "manly" songs that are generally aimed at getting boys to buy some robot exterminator or something)

Could have been a bettter shot.

yeah, thats pretty much it i guess.

man i suck at event photography...

the event closed at 4 and we walked over to foodcourt 3 to have some pratas. The curry was much better than last time as its much saltier and smells better (as much as i cant take chilli)

Yup. thats pretty much it for the day. (and i pretty much said it twice due to the apparent lack of intelligent vocabulary.)

mus thank graeme too for the next shot. totally right angle. i couldnt have done better..

While i was happily peeing in the fountain..

Billy, who was holding on to JQ's camera...

was more interested In balls in two bottles...

...what looked like banana and its juice..

Some hot dog thing...

putting the hot dog thng in his mouth..

And another ball in a bottle, than he was interested in taking a picture of mee totally wissing.

And Gabriel is doing that Joseph like screech again. Totally wheard.

speaking of emphasis on H, i found one person in real life that actually does it. Our math teacher. lol totally funny (to me that is..).

some misc photos left over from the prevoius post. Bought guitar strings and 3 more picks.

lol more useless facts here. If you dont play a guitar that is. I love useless facts for some reason, and before i played my guitar, i wouldnt have known that the end was actually some round thing. ok fine i know. totally lame since all of you play instruments. -_-

thats how u string it.. (or my way of stringing it.. anyhow guess one.) sloppy jobs on the rest of the other strings too..

Some picture that i took a few days ago. didnt really like it but i uploaded it by accident.. so no point wasting my flickr space right...

Some flower taken at the fountain in sp (the one where i "peed" in)


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