Thursday, April 9, 2009


I know its been another long time since i've post, and i got a few posts in mind already, but before i write what i've been doing the past few days, i'd like to clear up some stuff first.

ok, so if you have been reading the tagboard at the bottom here for the past few days, you'd know of the heated conversations with "dash".

Firstly, i apologise to "dash" for any misunderstandings caused by so and so posts and tag. I did not mean to insult anyone in that post. So im really sorry if you or that pilot were insulted by my words.

Maybe i did not put it out clearly enough in my post, that i thoroughly enjoyed my ride and enjoyed the pilots company too, without him telling jokes i'd just be listening to the various air traffic radio conversations.

As to the comment about him being "eccentric" and "laughing about his own jokes", i can explain that. I was looking for a word to suit crazy (of course in a good way, in my case, the "bad crazy" is mentally retarded) and funny, so somehow the word eccentric came to my mind (ok, my understanding of words is bad...).

As for laughing about his own jokes? Where i was sitting in the plane, it did not have a jack for me to plug my mic in, and the other "joy rider" that had the jack did not use it much (probablly cause he was too awed by the whole flying thing?), thus there was a heavy silence in the plane, cept for our pilots jokes of course.

"Laughing at his own jokes" can mean that his jokes were really really lame. But in my case, i used it only to describe the "silence" in the headsets.

Im sure its all an misunderstanding, and im really sorry again.

As for your search for what the joy riders thought, im sure all of them enjoyed the trip, i mean, even if youre not interested in flying planes, its still a really good experience. Im sure the pilot can be rest assured that he spent his time well, even if its about bringing indubitably useless ingrates up in his plane.

I hope this post clears up any misunderstanding and hurt caused to you and the pilot, and i apologise once again for the things that developed.


With that cleared up, maybe i should make it more clear to the readers of this blog.

You cannot take my words really seriously, especially captions beneath pictures, as they are usually made up for comic relief.

As for the blog post itsself? Well, Usually i dont intend to insult anyone. Stupid, Gay, homo ect are usually just words with not much meanings in it.

This blog was created for my own pleasure, and also for my friends to read.

I did not expect this blog to attract so many readers from so many places.

For example if you called your friend stupid, it wouldnt hurt as hes your friend, and since my blog was created for me to write about my friends and my random adventures, you cant take every word i say here really seriously.

Well ok, as for the post that offended "dash" and his close relative, i guess calling someone i dont know things i usually call my friends isnt really nice.

But the thing is, since this blog is created for my friends to read, my friends definition of words might be different from the rest of the world, so pls tolerate some of my words if they sting, as it is probablly an misunderstanding of words again.

I say again, pls dont take this blog too seriously, and if its something that you really dont like, be it my choice of words, or my pictures, or picture captions, Pls tell me in the tagboard, i will try to understand the problem and rectify it, as i did with "dash".

Of course, we could be nicer in the tagboard too. It got a little heated in there yesterday, and i apologise to become sucked into the flaming war too. I hope the flaming wont happen again, and any other misunderstandings about my blog.


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