Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, i cant really remember where i left off actually. So, ill refresh my memory by talking about the days that i took pictures with my camera.

The junk outside my house, which one day i accidentally broke one of the pots while swinging my bicycle around trying to get it into my house..hahaha

Basketball on Friday, at the place near Wilsons house. Gabriel did not join us, as he was too busy gaying with his new friends at TP. Dong was not around, JQ and billy couldnt come or something.

Skidding on Chris's scooter and totally spoiling his wheels.

Played bball with Graeme, Chris, Wilson, Perry and Jia Liang, and later, when we finally got tired, Ryan arrived and we did not really play much anymore.

Wilson, the malnutritioned gay boy.

Graeme took this shot. Lol quite nice, just needed to shift the angle a bit to be much better.

Wilson being gay again.

Chris's new DP

Wilson is like totally looking weak that day.

Went back to Wilsons house, bathed, and went over to plaza sing to meet Beaver. But it was too late and he had to go back home, so we walked around looking for food and settled on Ajisen as there was no qeue.

Ajisen table.

Wilson and his much needed food.

Ate there, then we left for our respective homes. Kinda boring outing that day lah, with so many people missing.

Hahaha, saw Nicole at Plaza Sing too. Shes like totally spent and dazed lah. totally funny for some reason that im too lazy to elaborate here.

And lately Gabriel is really weird lah. Its like, everytime he goes on Skype, hes like 10x the normal Gabriel that we know. Which means hes 20x weirder and more gay than normal people. Totally talking about random stuff and implying that hes totally gay.

Guess thats the weirdness that needs to be unleashed from him as the whole day at TP, hes acting as a Guai and normal boy. haha.

Saturday was some post MMEC camp activity at East Coast, which i cycled to. Cycled around for 2 hrs before they finally arrived. Met Joseph doing some weird stuff with his TP friends.

Took some pictures while waiting for them. Should have did a better shot of this but was too lazy to get off the chair i was sitting on.

The bird came really close, so i took a picture too.

Some of the people who came for the post camp activity.

It was a bit boring actually. Only a few members from my group turned up, which is kinda of sad. Most of them went to borrow skates, and some borrowed bikes. The group was really moving slowly as many people didnt know how to skate. So me, Khairul or something, and Dickson left the main group and cycled to the end of east coast. Alif and his friend tried to keep up on a tandem but totally failed. haha

Alif and his friend riding the tandem.

Khairul upfront. Going to the breakwater thing.

I brought them to this break water, and its only my second time there, my first being with daniel. Its kinda of a ulu trail, but the view back at the beach is really nice. Did not take much pictures as i did not bring my wide angle and couldnt be bothered doing panoramas.

Dickson followed us there too.

Should have brought my wide angle though..

and only you.

Left that place and cycled back to east coast mac, then played soccer with Alif and his friend while waiting for the rest to come back.

Yeah, we checked out hot dudes checking out other hot dudes at the recently reopened bedok jetty.

NAW we were there when this guy with this bike cycled around blaring really loud music. Hahahahahahah totally funny. check out the amount of gizmos on his pimped up ride. im surprised the bike was not motorised.

Another shot here, he kept going back and forth for the length of east coast.

Taken at TanJung Rhu or something. nice skies.

The bridge again, but its a bit underexposed.

I really like the calm waters and its reflections.

Gathered near the beach and watched other people play soccer on the beach, before the others decided to grab dinner and i decided to go home.

Well nothing much actually, the people who didnt go actually miss out much.

they kinda of saved their time actually. sad lar.

Anyway. Sunday was busy. F1 Race in the afternoon, which totally saw Ferrari being owned again. Vettel was owning in the rain again (and im rooting for him too, but my heart is still with ferrari). Brawn GP totally got owned. Massa was driving well until his ferrari screwed up. I hate Mclaren. Hamilton was great at passing but was rubbish at keeping his lead.

Live streams rock. Only if they dont suddenly disappear.

After that, took a bus down to suntec to look for a hoodie. Got a plain blue one which was quite short (length from top to bottom), but costs only $7 at the suntec convention hall. Then ate at Kenny Rodgers with my sis and mom before rushing off to meet my sisters friends and help her do her project work. (which i helped in more ways than one :D ).

Anyway, she was supposed to be doing this assigment that required you to tell a story using only 8 frames. (which should include all the taught elements like selective focus on actions and depth of field and all the cool stuff)

Yeah, here are some of the pictures taken that day. (not all were taken by me, as i was in the pics too)


Lol. so did u get the story?
ok maybe its not that clear.

So the story goes like this.
1. Guy checks his watch, looking out for the "meet"
2. He sees 2 guys meeting downstairs
3. He notices that the files are passed.
4. Realising that he got the right target, he follows him..
5. follows him...
6. Grabs the guy and demands the file
7. The contents is not what he expected.
8. While he is busy catching the wrong guy, his real target slips away unnoticed.

Yeah, then later we did another story with my fathers help around my house area.


lol. ok some what similar story.

1.papers passed.
2.guy stalks the guy with papers.
3. stalking
4. stalking
5. takes out gun as he reaches a secluded place
6. confronts the guy.
7. fustrated (lol)
8. thats becuase the file only held useless papers.

Haha i remember the shot at no6. I was standing there waiting for the shot, and behind us a patrol of 3 police man walked passed. luckily i heard their radio chatter and quickly kept my bb gun. haaha. (they muz be wondering whats with all the suspicious activity too, with me in a hoodie and stuff)

Was totally shagged after doing all these stuff, but i kinda of find it really cool. Theres lots more things that i wanted to suggest she squeeze in but we already had tons of problems fitting the story into 8 frames already.

Maybe ill take photos of these ideas, but its a bit hard to get people to be the "model" for me. haha. well maybe during the holidays.


School officially starts for me. First day was fine. the 7.30am train was crowded, but i managed to find a wall to lean on. (walls are entirely essential for the long ride to school). Went up to the first class, and saw most of the class sitting outside the room waiting for the teacher to arrive.

He arrived and we went in, before being dismissed really quickly about 1 hr later. All we learnt was about what we were going to learn in the first sem and the marks weightage and stuff like that.

Had 1 hr of free time before we went to the next lesson at some workshop. Got split into groups and then got released after 30mins. That left us with about 3 hrs of free time before the engineering materials class with Mr Beh.

Played pool while the rest played bowling (yeah our school has these facilities, but of course, you have to pay) before having lunch at kofu.

The usual thing again at the next class, which was just the teacher introducing himself and stuff, then its math class. where we did some of the absolute value stuff, which made me yawn uncontrollably . Crap. 1hr of math and im already like this. Tmr we still have about 3 hrs of math in the afternoon, not to mention 2 hrs of "our nation, our world" in the freaking morning. sigh. i want my holidays back!


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