Saturday, April 11, 2009

Practice on the stump first.

And we play golf!

Dont get your gay hopes up yet, this has not become a gay blog yet. (yeah, its totally getting gayer and gayer by the day, how really really sad)

Yesterday, i met up with JQ, Graeme and Nicholas (some random JQ's friend that i met before somewhere but i cant remember where) and we took a bus down to the driving range in Toa Payoh.

Bought 240 balls and started shooting both balls and photos. (yes that totally did not come out right).

Of course, before we play, we must have balls, thus, comes the sexy ball boys.

Nicholas here.. theres so many frigging nicholasses..

Anyway, it was my first time playing golf, so was Nicholas's, so got some "coaching" from JQ and Graeme before we started playing.

Its fun, but i still prefer archery for some reason. Its like Archery too, every little movement and angle counts. I kept missing the ball while swinging or hitting it high, making it spin low.

My pinkie got really sore after that, due to the combination of golfing and gaying with the guitar the whole of last night. yeah.... that.

It was totally like "Dont hit the balls first, practice on the stump". Yup, everything i say comes out wrongly. sigh.

ok, so pictures pictures...

Check out the flex of the golf club. Mind you i was shooting at the max shutter speed of 1/8000th of a second and the golf club is still a blur. Plus its super hard to time as i had to press the trigger before the club hit the ball...


The artificial grass mat was wet.

Perfect timing, right before the club hit the ball..

another perfect one..

guess what, its mr stumpy..

totally looks like someone is under the grass mat and is ..... yeah you can figure it out.


Nicholas is ANGRY.

totally gay-ho

Graeme sights the 200m mark..

or isit?

yeah, believe it or not, i dint take this picture... (milk caught my eye.)

Yeah, now some funny bits from our daily skype conversations...

JQ and Graeme are looking for rooms in Gunbound.
Graeme (in a really paniky voice) - JQ what do we do?? the room says tits.

Right after we add him to our skype conversation, he sings..
Joseph- Give it to me baby... uh huh uh huh... (gets kicked from conversation)

Im telling gabriel why he should ignore recaptioning my photos on his blog and just link them all to my blog...
Gabriel- No loh, Cuz my blog's like GAY STOP NUMBER ONE!

Thats all for today though.. schools starting already... good and bad lah.


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