Thursday, April 30, 2009

Peel banana peel peel banana.

Two posts today actually. Since i have time, and also, i have a ton of things to say. (ok this was supposed to be posted yesterday but i got distracted and didnt finish the post. haha)

Anyway, today, while we were walking towards our CRS class (critical reasoning skills), i was talking to Joel about primary school and somehow he talked about primary 4.

He mentioned being in 3E and 4EE. Which made me think Hong Wen School as it has the stupid afternoon and morning session class naming thing. Then he said he was from Hong Wen School. I was like thinking, cannot be what, im also from 3E and 4EE.

Turns out, he was actually my primary school classmate!


ok maybe not.


Hahahah. Its really funny, that we took so long to recognise we were from the same pri class. I really feel that its a really small world in poly.

The funny thing was, on the first day, when he introduced himself as Joel, i was thinking "ok thats really easy to remember as he looks like a Joel"

Unknowingly (to me at that time), he was the actual Joel that i based my impressions of any "joels" on. Totally funny.

Hahah. so we talked about pri school, and our old friends and stuff. hahaha, we would have been in the same class in pri 5 if he had not transferred out.

From the conversation, i start to remember more about my pri school life, and my friends that i've been trying so hard to remember (i even made a list.. hoping that some day we will find the time to meet again).

Lol, of the people i forgot, Ee Khai, Alex, Agnes, Natalie, Pei Yan, kelvin, Ling Fan (now Ivan) and Jun Rong. hahah yay!

Well, maybe i can get them during the next holiday..sigh.

HAHA, and FINALLY, i know how i knew Nicole already. Haha. Shit, now i wonder, how did i know Jason then? i thought he was in my class... wtf. Damnit why isit so confusing.

crap, im still missing 16 people though.. sigh.


Oh, yeah, and todays Joseph's Birthday! Happy Birthday Joseph!

And im so totally ruining your party! (im totally inviting male strippers :D)

yeah. randomness aside, i have promised to link several people blog and have voluntarily linked one as its another form of art! drawing. and hes good at it. way cool. (if i could draw i wouldnt be doing photography already...)

Ok, Graemes blog first.

Somewhat like a personal life cum movie review site. (and i purposely did not use "and" for a reason) Yup. Totally. And if you read his blog, well, its not as gay as i portray him here, but you still know it!

Yeah, movie reviews cum personal life.

Heres the link:

Yup. where totally = really and sedated = (somewhat) sideways. Total Originality.

Next link that i added is a more interesting one.. Kens blog. (as in the guy who sat across me in math class who always doodled on his math notes in Secondary school)

His drawing rocks man. Its like, my blog is a photography blog, his is like the drawing blog. Expect almost the same thing (as in quite a lot of drawings.. ok lah, not to the extent of an average of 20 photos per post) and less about his life than my stupid blog.

He drew these photos. Totally cool right.

Anyway, thats all, have also added a few more links to blogs of my friends that i missed out too, so maybe (if you really have to screen suck) go check them out too.

Yeah, and if youre wondering why the pictures are so small and of low quality, i used blogger uploader instead of the usual flickr link. And...the title had nothing to do with todays post. Its just what came to my mind when i tried to think of a title..


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