Sunday, April 26, 2009

And school drags on..

Nothing unusual done on Sunday, other than buying 2 small E strings for my guitar and 3 more picks since i have a tendency to lose them. Bought a guitar stand too, as my mom keep complaining about my father accidentally making it fall. (before i had the guitar stand, i used blue tack at the bottom of the guitar and at the top to prevent it from sliding on the marble floor)

Spent the night doing calculus and more homework. Also made some time table in excel that listed all my "close" friends timetables so that we can set a date that everyone is free and we can meet up. Almost done with that, with the exception of Billy, which i still dont know his time table.

I realise calculus isnt that hard afterall. After spending an hour carefully reading through every paragraph of the chapter, i guess i kinda of get it, like around 70% sure.

Man, the lectures are somewhat useless, especially the electrical tech one. Its really different from Sec school as its up to you to plan when and what to study. The teacher wouldnt tell you what to do and stuff. Furthermore they only teach you the formula, rarely do they teach you how to apply the formula (which is the really important part).

As for Monday, which is today, there was nothing much actually.

At first i was really happy for this week as i thought that we had 2 days that we only needed to be in school for 2 hours.

I wish.

Totally misread the timetable and totally confused my classmates. Hahah.

Spent the night playing my new game (a relatively old game in the world) Brothers in Arms : Hells Highway. Shared the cost with my uncle as he had the xbox 360 too. Would have prefered the PC version though, but my uncles com totally sucked

Played another hour of rFactor with Graeme online too. I used the slowest car in the serise this time (we were playing F1 2007 season at Brazil interlagos circuit). Was really tough to beat him as my car totally sucked. Ahh, difficult to say here actually, but maybe in the future i'll do some screen shots and explain everything about this game and stuff.

The other thing is, i realise that i have very little time to do any quality photography. This is the third blog post without a picture already. Im not satisfied with the direction this blog is going to and hopefully ill clear the things that i need to do by next week to resume normal photographic service. Hopefully.

Ill not be doing any class recapping here as im too lazy to revise right now. Sigh. And i've still yet to update the links. crap. so much shit to do, too lazy to do it.

I pray to god to teach me to cherish every second that i have with my loved ones, and i pray, that i learn it not by the hard way.


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