Friday, April 24, 2009

where are the hunks?

Dont get too excited first. just ignore the title first.

hahah, well yeah.

Anyway, today i learnt about thermofluids and the equations that go with it (which i will recap tmr..), and also about engineering materiels.

Like what type of stress is present, for example, tensile stress, which is like the stress induced when both ends of a materiel is pulled with an equal force. This is to test the strength of the materiel and how much force can be applied before it breaks. It is also important to measure the materiel to see how much it has changed its shape and stretched.

The other type of stress is compressive stress, which is like compression.

And the last type is shear force, which is like sideways stress (ok i do not really know how to explain)

We also learnt about what hardness means (the ability to resist being dented or scratched), toughness (the ability to resist impact).

In the thermofluids class, the thing we learnt are some formula, the definition of viscoscity, and the effect of tempreature on the viscoscity of a fluid (fluid includes gas and liquids).

Haha, enough of the boring school stuff though, after class ended, i rushed off to meet Chris and Wilson at foodcourt 5, which we went to SPGG to play pool. The pool tables were fully booked as usual, and we only got a slot at 1.30, which was 1 hr away, so we slowly walked to moberly (another place in sp that is like SPGG) to book a pool table for a later time when the rest of the usual ppl finished their classes.

After that, we made our way over to the admin block as i had to refill in this GIRO form thing. Totally saw weird things on the way.

The first weird thing was this student we saw while walking on the way there, who was bending down and scraping paint off the wall and putting it in a bottle. Totally weird lah.

Second thing we saw at the admin office. Its really funny. Imagine this counter that looks like the MRT control room like that, with the glass with the holes and person behind it. Yeah, so this guy went to talk to the person behind the glass, and then the shutter behind the glass started closing (shutter like those mama shop metal shutters). The guy started talking louder and more urgently, but the shutter still slowly came down and he had to bend his head sideways to talk to the person as the shutter completes closing. LOL totally funny lah, that poor guy getting taoed the whole time down there, and he didnt even get the attention of the person behind the counter. Totally funny.

Third thing we saw was while we walked by the boys toilet/changing room at the stadium and totally heard something like a gay orgie happening inside. haaahah

Played pool at SPGG (we just like to call it GG) and totally got owned by wilson, before we finished and went off to find Darren, who was sitting around foodcourt 6. My hp battery went flat then and i kept using wilsons phone for various reasons other than legitimate ones.

Met with darren and his friend and sat there trying to do my homework (which i totally failed at) while we waited 3 hrs for the rest to finish their lessons and stuff.

Funny thing happened while we were there. You know as we were very close to the business lecture halls, and chris was in one of them, during his lecture he came out to slack for a while, but got "locked out" of the hall when he tried to return.

I think he got locked out for about 30mins, the whole time walking back and forth between our table and the lecture halls door. Lol, the funny thing is, he spent about 10 mins trying to Push open the door. only after those 10 mins did he pull the door to open it. Hahaha. Totally stupid.

Gabriel arrived at around 4+ and me and wilson went to pick him. He was wearing a totally gay Bright orange shirt from TP which totally invited everyone from SP to beat him up. hahaha. Lent him my hoodie to cover up that TP stuff and we went back to the same bench to slack some more.

At 5 pm everyones lessons ended and we walked a long way to moberly, the whole time asking each other if we knew its the correct way and complaining that we need to walk damn far. hahah. Played more pool at mob before we left for Vivo to have dinner.

Walked around vivo like 3 times before settling on Carls Jr as the other restaurants had long qeues. Ate some stuff before Chris and Perry went to watch a movie and Gab went to gay at church, and Darren and dara went home and me and graeme went to best buy to play some xbox.

Tried this xbox 360 steering wheel on display there (yeah i already have it, but its somewhat spoilt). While we were playing this pri 5 kid came up to us and told us about ferraris and their cars and where they test their cars and whatnot. Totally blabbered on about facts that sounded suspiciously wrong. Weird.

Got a ride home in Graemes dads car and totally spent the night on the computer slacking.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot about the where are the hunks part.

Lol it happened when we were walking towards moberly at food court 5. Shit man.. anyway heres what happened.

According to Dara, food court 5 is the perfect place to check out hunks. So im like wondering what is considered hunks and whats not considered as hunks. Told her prevoiusly that she muz rmb to show me e diff. hahah, so that day, since we were walking thru fc 5, i decided to ask her.

So i walked up to who i thought was her(same height, same length hair, walking in same direction as our group) and i casually asked "so where are the hunks?". So she turned around to look, before walking faster towards the exit. That was when i realised that i had asked some random girl "where are the hunks" instead of dara.

Totally Screwed lah.

That was super embarrasing lah. The worse thing is that that random girl was from skate club, which was holding an exibition at this place that i had to pass by twice!. yup.

Didnt learn from my mistake and nearly opened my mouth to say something stupid again at Vivo city to some random person that was the same build as Dara.

Shit lah, WeiQi, why do you have to be so short. cant differentiate you from the other abundant short females. hahahah.


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