Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Round Up - Useful Posts..

Ok so every months end, I'll do a month round up, to summarise the random things that has happened in the current month. This would include various January Round Up posts, which so far includes : Useful Posts, Best Pictures, In Numbers

As for the January Round Up "Useful Posts" post, I would post interesting, informative or useful sites that i have covered in previous posts during the month. This is to compensate for the fact that i have to limit the number of posts (5) per page of this blog due to the large amount of pictures that i usually post per post, which slows down load time.

Due to this page flipping thing, you readers might be too lazy to click on the "previous posts" button at the bottom (or are so computer illiterate that you cannot even find the link).

So through this Monthly Round Up theme, hopefully, it would help in some way.

So here goes..
(I have also included the posts did in December, in the budding days of this blog)
Useful Posts in January:

Site: Screen-Colour correction site

Description: Good and a must if you deal with a large amount of photos and edit them. It ensures that what you see on your monitor is what you get when you print your picture when you send it to a photo shop to print.

Site: Acronim Finder
Description: To find out what all the internet jargon means, good site to keep up to date to the ever expanding internet acronims vocabulary.

Topic: HDR photos
Description: I describe and show what HDR photos actually are, why and how they are taken.

Topic: Megapixels is not Everything.
Description: This post explains what megapixels really are and why you should not buy a camera with more megapixels.


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