Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day spent working.

So, yeah. Gabriel got me a job at sengkang cc to give out stuff...

Met Gerald at the CC, and Gabriel noted how he was the closest guy with the double chin that looked like Peter's (From Family Guy). Lol.

Yeah, then we spent the whole day checking names in lists and finding the number tags, then 2 more people joined us and they were quite weird.

Cant really remember their names though, one of them was Ruth and the other one was chao or cho or whatever, really cant remember..

Yup, so generally they slacked as they were to give us the number tag, and we were too busy sorting out the problems, the event was kinda screwed.

Got $70 bucks through working 10 hours.

blah blah. i felt it was a good day though, refreshing to at least meet new people.

Yup. But this post is more about mondays cycling trip, of which i cant wait for, but also worry a lot for it.

Problem are:
1. We have a HUGE group.
2. We are going through town (tampines)
3. The amount of time we would take
4. Laggers/ tired or really unfit people.

Well, let me go down the list one by one..
1. A Huge group has several problems, first, we cant cycle in a tight bunch that blocks up the whole path, (which people have a tendency to because they want to talk). Two, people get lost without others knowing. Three, a large group means less space between bikes, that means more danger of causing a chain reaction of falls. Four, Crossing roads will be a Serious problem.

I guess people will be mature enough to avoid the problems for the first 3.. i hope.
The forth problem is what im really worried about.

Crossing the road with 13+ people. Dangerous, imagine everyone rushed across at once, and cram on the road divider, some would be left on the road as there is not enough space on the divider. two, if someones bike falls while crossing the road, it would cause the whole group to stall.

Ok, now problem 2.
As we are going thru a town, the path are small (big problem for big group, as people in front cant see laggers at the back, and they might go missing. Second, there are lots of traffic lights, again the problem of crossing the road is large.

On to problem 3.
Time. If we take too much time regrouping and eating and resting, we will overrun our time...

Problem 4.
Tired people, danger is that the groups split, people who cant wait will go off without waiting for the laggers. Its difficult to pull laggers with rope as they are usually inexperienced cyclists and the rope.. ahhh difficult to describe. sigh...

So much problems, i feel like just canceling the part where we go through the town, as i feel its too risky as there are lots of inexperienced cyclists. Sigh again.

To solve problems, i plan to group people into maybe 3 groups. Led by me, maybe dong (if hes ok with it), JiaQing, or Chris... hmmmm

Well, i'll definitely set ground rules this time round, as its too risky to screw about this time..

Ok, now bout the polls, ill have a new one at the bottom, is whether you want to cut the "Town Leg" and just follow the old route until everyone is quite experienced? (new people i havnt seen yet are Perry (i think, or did he go the last time?), Howard, WeiQi (but shuld be ok cuz of dong), and gotta watch out for Joseph)

sigh.. how oh how...


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