Thursday, February 19, 2009

Poll: Mondays Cycling Trip.

Ok, a simple poll here, for those who wants to go on Mondays Cycling Trip, whether you want to meet at 9am or 10am.

I'd prefer we go earlier, because it usually rains in the late afternoon, so if we set off earlier, we should finish before the rain comes.

The reason i planned the trip at 10am is because im sure people cannot wake up at 9, so then we will be delayed by them and then the time is wasted.. but anyway..pls so decide on the poll..

Oh yeah, plans about the trip would be posted maybe on Friday, as im really busy today and cant spare a bit of time for planning at all.. so yeah..

Do the poll... (click on the "tagboard" bar above to spawn at the bottom of the page..)

edit: Where do u all intend to take breakfast? at home or what? pref u take it at home lar.. but some people leave their houses super early so...

Pls comment on e tagboard on what u want to do..


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