Sunday, February 8, 2009

Farewell Daniel.

Ahhh... the time has finally come, the day where you leave Singapore, to further your studies overseas. The day where you leave all your good friends made here, the day where you leave the place where you caused so much trouble in.

We would truly miss your funny antics, mischievousness, careless disregard for your wellbeing, recklessness, ill-advised stunts, adventurism, more careless disregard for the people around you, and general derangement.

But this is no reason we should mourn your leaving.. we should instead celebrate the things that you have brought us, the fun and joy that you have added to our lives during your stay here.

The fun and joy, i still remember.

"Nerd" was the first impression i had of you when we first met in Sec 1. How wrong could i be.

I guess we probably pissed every teacher that knew us in sec 1, and maybe sec 2.
Disturbed the Bookshop Auntie for 4 years.
Even the Library teacher and the dessert shop seller.
Then there was Ben Chua..
Scared the hell out of Ms lee that she put us in different classes for no good reason
The cleaner guy who went : boy dont f*ck fu*k!
Sir, sleeping in the D&T room
Lau kok kok..
Han lau peh..
The literature teacher.. i think ms chia
s**k D**k lar..
Oi B*tch..
Yo Auntie..
Wilson Yeo..
Little kids from the pri school..
Crazy things we do in school that is too much to remember..
The library, and its door handle..
The bread..
exploring marina south and getting caught...
exploring random places and getting caught..
Streaking in school...

Hahaha, all the weird memories..

oh well, i guess with you gone, I've gotta do all these things by myself now.. which would be even weirder..
But as for you lucky bastard, i bet your behavior will be easily accepted in the more open culture of Australia.. unlike for me, where everybody is brought up straight and cannot accept people who are more.. crazy...

What are the odds that im going to find another person as crazy as us?

Hahah, but we all had fun didn't we.. and that's the important thing..

And so I wish you the best of luck, in your pursuit of your studies (and Fun) overseas.

Farewell, my dear friend Daniel.


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