Thursday, February 26, 2009

blah blah yada yada. past 2 days crap lar

Yup, part of a 3 part update written for your screen sucking pleasure, and if you still do not know what screen sucking is, check it on the urban dictionary.

Anyway...... it's said that when you type six dots after your sentence, youre gay.. hmmm

Randomness aside, im going to start off 2 days ago, where the guys decided to watch slumdog millionaire at Vivo.

Bus-synchroed with Gabriel and we took the long ride down to vivo thru bus 80.

Joked about how funny his arm was (he fell down and got his arm in a cast, rmb?), or rather, just me joking bout it. I seem to find it really funny, maybe its becuase its on gabriel. I dunno, yeah and i know im bad, but its funny, i dont know why.

Anyway, for some reason, or because of all my jokes about his arm, he went to lick my bag. Sick.

Haha, then we wondered whether Chris really thought Darren and his GF went to Vivo early to buy underwear.. hahaha.

Well the idea came from Gabriel at first, when i asked him about why we should meet at Vivo so early. He replied "maybe can buy underwear lar". Then somehow i applied it to Darren and his Gf, then Chris somehow believed it..

Reached Vivo, walked to the center and looked around trying to find Darren by calling him. Stupid, they were sitting like almost right infront of us laughing at our stupidity.

Uhhh, yeah, he always does that.

Gabriels like trying do camwhore with his cast..

and totally screws up in pain..

Darrens like totally wasted already.. (as usual)

im like totally gay in daiso.

Darrens listening to this salesman tell him that staring at the twirly thing every day for 10 mins in the morning, would take away his wastedness..

Well, yeah, it just looks wrong. dont ask why.

Checking out weird stuff at daiso.

Yeah.. i dint take this shot. Gabriel did. But hey! $2 underwear! perverts ahoy!

I like milk. but too bad.. they dont sell milk

Yeah, were too free.. Darrens blocking the right hand side again..

Took some pictures, then we had extra time, so i suggested we walk to Daiso as theres lots of cool stuff there. Posed with stupid stuff, then met Chris and Wilson outside Carls Jr.

Ate there, commented about how small Wilsons eyes were, took photos, watched Chris play this cool game on Darrens iPhone, cleaned ketchup from my lens because of Gabriels and Chrises stupidity, went to Zinc shop to get Chris's bag, then met Beaver (Yee Lim, but i prefer beaver..) and we laughed at him having to wear school uniform... And hes more weird than ever, after going into CJ.

Gabriel likes Carls Jr.

We meet wilson and chris..

And Gabriels so excited that he causes himself excruciating pain to keep himself from jumping Wilson..

Darrens like "hiey yuuoo" (in a chinese dude accent)



Wilson totally spots Darren...

Wilson totally likes it.

He fantasizes

Then totally gets into position...

Wilsons like "hey check this out"

....wait for it...

wait for it... (and gabriel and darren finally realise what he was doing..)

wilson "tada"

the result..

im like "thats it? sianz"

Gabriel chokes and coughs...

And spits out some foreign substance..

Darrens like "ewwwww, my iphone's got dried tofu"

Chris laughs like crazy...

While Beaver swears by the...


Im like "wa wilson, its as pathethic as your hair lar"

Wilsons hair...

then for some reason i go crazy and attempt to lick Chris...

Then chris browses female bags for wilsons impending sex change..

All the while, Wei Qi is totally oblivious to whats going on...

Anyway, watched the movie, and had to contend with the weird smells occasionally wafting to us. Turns out that 3 ang mohs had crossed their legs and put their (barefooted) feet thru the gaps of the seat. Yuck.

Almost our whole row was affected except Darren, Dara and Beaver..Grrrr

Slumdog Millionaire was ok, i'd say it has an average plot and stuff like that. I dont understand why it has won so many awards, nor do i think it even deserves them. Plot? bahh..same old, just different theme.
Emotional part? bah, dint feel a thing, (what i mean by emotional is like Jack Neo's films.. well you know)
Plot Twist? none at all
Depth of Character, developed quite well, but the brother of Jamal swings between good and bad guy for no real reason at all.

But i guess i can say, i think that the filming had to be very hard as it was flimed in India, and the slums.
I'd say the young versions of the characters really acted really well, considering their age.
Maybe this show does the "from young to old" genre very well, but thats all i can say for this movie.

I feel i have wasted my money on this film, go watch valkarie, or whatever its spelled, i think its much better.

Anyway, thats all for this part. Wait patiently for the next part then...


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