Saturday, February 7, 2009

Exploring Changi East Area.

Friday was a special day. Its the last time that Im going out cycling/exploring with Daniel (probably).

Went to his house at 9 plus, pulled him out of bed (lol for the last time i guess). Then went to read the news while Daniel drank his usual morning tea.

He finished it faster than usual, i complained and we got into a useless argument (lol the usual one that would leave anyone overhearing us become really confused.. and those who know us should know its not really an argument actually.. more like.. i dunno.. just arguing for the sake of making noise? haha) and we both went down to Marine Parade to collect his glasses and contacts.

Shop was not open so we went out and decided to check out the trail i saw leading into changi east reclaimed land..

The nose was spewing chinese kids music... i almost had a bad headache..

Cycled along East Coast, while complaining of the wind, sun, seat hardness and the amount of VJ people there. Then argued about why his bike is better than mine because it was free, but as usual, coming to no real conclusion as we confuse ourselves by eventually insulting each others intelligence..

Mark Koh called and wanted to play bowling, Daniel was answering the calls w/o touching the handle bars, and we kept on passing the phone back and forth while swerving in and out of traffic at 22km/h. Probably scared and angered some of the VJians..

Eventually arrived at the End of East coast, and we decided to follow the narrow path along the river. It was somewhat a mistake, but im still glad we decided on that route..It got really narrow as we went in, and our speed dropped very low..

Low tree branches caused us to duck, in doing so cause us to become slightly unbalanced, which threatens to let the bike slip down the ledge into the railing and throw us into the deep channel.

The path was very narrow with tall and spiky grass on the left, small path, and a steep ledge to the right, and the railing then the canal.. As we were taller than the railings while on the bike, any slip on the ledge, the bike would slip and bang into the railing, throwing us into the water. Which, does not have any stairs or access, and has high vertical sides, and with the nearest exit point being 4km back to the coast..

Lol, so anyway, we slowed, and tread carefully, but daniel, after trying to clear a branch, slipped down the ledge, lucky falling on the grass.. Cursing, he forced me to lead the way.. and after a kilometer or two, under the same circumstances, i too slipped and landed on the grass.. Lucky...

We finally reached the end of the canal, which i initially thought would go all the way to the other end of Singapore.. anyway, took a few pictures, went down a jungle path until we emerged at the park connector next to the runway... It was fun.

The end of the canal, as it got muddier and shallower.

One example of the obstacles there..

We found the path that leads into changi east, however, there were some construction people there and they prevented us from going in, saying that it was a military base.. (but wth there was no gate whatsoever and the path is so large, it just invites you in..)

After the trip, i took a look at the path in Google Earth and realized that we missed out on a lot of explorable area.. awwww..

Anyway, we cycled back, followed this VJ guy and slip streamed him for the entire length of the runway at 30km/h.

Reached 7-11 at East Coast, and bought the stupid maple story cup again! Stupid, paid 40cents for a stupid plastic cup and less slurpee.. Fag!And i thought the promotion was over.. stupid 7-11, This is already the second time it happened.. and this time i dint even get a maple story sticker (not like it matters to me but still.. 40 cents for a stupid

Went home tired, and i cant remember if it was on the same day, but it rained heavily and a rainbow appeared in front of my house! Cool, got some pictures to share:

Heavy rain..

The rainbow.. I had to boost the vibrance a bit so the rainbow is more obvious..

Where the rainbow starts..

Im sorry theres little pictures this time, as the main objective of the trip was not to take pictures, unlike on most occasions.. I just wanted to explore w/o hanging my camera and wasting time taking pictures all the time..


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