Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trudging along East Coast at 10km/h

It was a fun day no doubt.

Well, fun at least for me, but definitely not fun for poor old Joseph.

We started out at 9, where Darren arrived at my house after cycling from his house 8km away at Mshs. While waiting for Joseph to arrive at my house, we played Fifa 09. Darren eventually won me by a goal in extra time. thats not counted as i was fooling around with the keeper, making him rush the attackers outside the penalty box.

Once i managed to get the ball and was dribbling (using the keeper) to the opponents half, Darren's player did a slide tackle on the keeper, sending the keeper flying in pain. I managed to clear the ball but when Darren attacked again, the goal mouth was open as the keeper was injured and still lying at the same spot.. haha. it was really funny to see that.

Then Joseph arrived at the MRT and i tried to give him directions to find my house, even though i gave correct instructions, he managed to get lost on the other side of the river.. Wasted time finding him and wasted more time bringing the bikes down...

We eventually left my house at 10.30, which is late considering we were supposed to leave at 10.

Anyway, rushed to parkway parade at around 25km/h, which is considered fast, and poor Joseph had to keep up with 2 "seasoned" bikers..hahah

Met the rest, which was quite a big group, then the 8 of us walked to east coast mac there to rent bikes.. (8 of us consisting of: Me, Darren, Joseph, Gabriel, Wilson, Chris, Billy and Jia Qing).
Graeme did not join because his maid got grounded and he had to be around to ground her.. (sounds wrong)
Tiong Kiat had something up, so could not go.
Chris, Wilson and Gabriel went last min for some weird reason..

taken on a bike, while they walked to the bike rental..

apparently, Joseph is getting ready for Valentines Day, and is practicing who knows what on wilson..

i just really dunno whats going on..

i guess the only thing that can describe what they had in mind was this...

While the rest rent their bikes, Darren pleasures himself in... Frameriding i guess...

Gabriel wears his pants high to show his legs... He knew i had my camera around...

Yup, more of his "sexy" legs i guess, i mean, hes constantly trying to get in my shot, what can i do?

See what i mean.. he tries to get himself into the shot.. or rather.. his legs..

Yup.. Legs.. Gabriels legs..

then he goes on to lick billy.. eugh..

Now Joseph is really eager to go.. either that or he spotted a potential chio bu..

But we did not leave yet as Jia Qing thinks that the sign is referring to a toilet, in which he needed badly..

We eventually left, and Dong and I tried to go at 20+km/h, but the group complained so we slowed down to 17km/h. Cycled along, some people complained and lagged behind while chris and dong and wilson and JQ raced ahead.

Then Joeseph crashed for some reason and scraped his toes.. hhaa..

Joseph crashes, and looks around cheezily..


He still tries to pick up girls by sitting in the girls section of the toilet, tries to act in pain so that a girl can nurse his wound...haha

Jia Qing Drinks Sweat.

After one last break we went along the straight road that was beside the runway and the group became very far apart again as people lagged.. We stopped halfway along the route and (as you can see from the pictures) Joseph is well wasted..

Wilson tries to look macho by showing some arm.. While Dong tells chris how frameriding feels.. "oooooh" (While Joseph looks really wasted at the back)

Wilson tries Darrens technique...

While JQ looks upon in interest..

Chris scouts materiels to boost his frameriding experience..

While Joseph is still wasted..


While doing a "group" shot, Joseph..

Is still wasted..

After the long stretch, there was this vending machine that was not working, and its contents were spilled at the bottom of the machine, we tried to get them out but to no avail..

The machine...

Pondering about the machine.. While in the square..

Someones pants is really tight...

Upon spotting that, Chris goes crazy and strips..

Joseph, at the back as usual..

Reached Changi Village and ate, then went back the same way. Joseph was lagging big time now, and after the long runway stretch everyone left him except Wilson and me.. haha. Eventually Wilson left as he had to return the bike in time, so i was left pottering around with Joseph at 10km/h..Haha..

Parked at Changi Village..

Joe, tired like shit...

Still has the energy to check out girls..

Finally met up with the guys again and I had to lead Darren back to my hse area quickly so that he can go home from there. The rainclouds were threatening and Darren had to go fast.. Since Joseph was truly burnt and black, Chris took over his bike and we rode home at 25km/h.

Reached home with Chris and I took a bath, then we went over to meet the guys (except dong) at paradiz to play L4D.

Total Distance travelled-
The rest=40km.. (no wonder they still have energy to play lan.. 40km is peanuts)

Taken from google earth, the route i took... (starting from the middle of the whole line, is where the rest cycled..)
ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 26 20.29

Closer look..
ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 26 20.29

The route that Darren had to cycle.. (i think)
ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 26 20.32

We should really do this again another day!

Note: Most of the picture captions are written for comic relief, so are some of the pictures rearranged to suit the joke. No one should take them seriously as they do not really represent or mean anything about the victim of the joke in the photos.


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