Monday, February 23, 2009

The Day We Paddled like mad.

We maintained 27 - 30 km/h on the return journey, which is about 20km long. Well, most of them did.

Gabriel fell down half way there. Didnt have pictures tho, as it was going to rain and i kept my camera in my bag for the whole return journey.

Anyway, starting from the front again.

Tk and me cycled from my house and met the rest at the bike rental near East Coast Mac. Perry did not come, so did Howard. And at the last moment, Joseph smsed that "something" cropped up.. i guess that "something" was an egg, and he probablly chickened out.

So the only new guys in our group were Graeme (finally released from the crutches of his maid), Uriah (Gabriel s Church friend) and WeiQi, dongs gf, which is, tekniikly. i mean technically, not a guy.

Graeme with his really expensive oakleys glasses..

but im more interested in the reflection (a crop from the previous photo)

Tiong Kiat, acting sexy..

Gabriels like "heh heh, im so cute" and goes on to caress his own face

JQ brought his AK-74, Graeme here playing with it..

JQ is like totally camping

This is a nice shot by Gabriel..hmm too bad now he has a cast on.. no more backup camera man.

i was trying to look super gay in this photo, but failed.. and i love the blue skys that day..

yeah, failing at being gay again..


Chris here..

From left to right: Tiong Kiat, Me, Uriah.

Dongs already wasted..

Darren and Dara rented a tandem bike, while Uriah used his own bike, which he cycled from tampines.

We left off, and as usual, Chris and the other fast guys decided to go ahead.. sigh.
Turned off at the last toilet before the long route, and found the first few guys there, except Graeme, who totally got excited and went past our stopping point..hahaah.

Waited for Graeme before setting off again, then me and JiaQing went at 25km/h down the straight, then stopped to wait for them. Surprisingly, Tiong Kiat managed to keep up (on my "lousy" bike - yes Joesph, its not the bikes problem, the problem is you :). )

Dong looks like some chinese gangster lar.. look at how long and jutted out his jaw is and his gay earrings..

For some reason, there were in the girls toilets and wilsons like totally checking out his "long" hair..

JQ totally camping out in the girls toilet..

The group

Wilsons crotch shot.

We then cycle really fast...

well quite fast.. (i dint really get the shutter speed right to get the blur effect)

wilson likes that.

Tiong Kiat checking out his.. yeah. whatever. dongs wasted...



Chris strips for no reason...

and graeme immediately appears!

Wilson is trying to prepare for his impending sex change by trying to be a cam whore.

JQ camping again..

Camping near some tree that looks like an ass..

Chris entertains wilson..

Billy entertains JQ

nice shot by gabriel.. and luckily the photos are not large enuf on the blog, if not you can see some more details..which i wun say here. :D

chris is totally filling up that bottle lar..

Dongs still wasted even when chris is hard with enthusiasm.

Chris is like "HELL YEAH"

Cycling along close to the straight long route...

Taken while riding my bike (as with most of the other shots), the speedometer says we are travelling at 19km/h and me and Tiong Kiat have travelled 18km so far..

JQ camping.




Chris and Tiong Kiat try the tandem bike..

i try the tandem bike with chris, quite scary as two guys are trying to balance at the same time but cancle each other out.. but it goes damn fast.. im quite sure we reached 40!

TK sucking water..

Dongs like being suggestive lar..

TK still sucking water..

Gabriel wants to straddle the ladder..

JQ changes the configuration of his ak-74 to urban combat mode..

Dongs wasted.. WQ is camwhoring as usuall...

totally. ew.

Gabe likes action behind him..

TK is perpetually sucking on something the whole trip lar..

Group phot. (tk is more interested in sucking more water out of the thing)

gram took this photo.. and took a long time as he said he couldnt focus, probablly cuz theres a multitude of sweaty guys infront of

Sick lar... chris getting it on..

In depth analysis of the previous photo..hahah

They caught up, then we ate at Changi Village, before turning back due to time constraints. I wanted to bring the guys down to Pasir Ris park after changi village, but as we already used up 2 hours, we did not have enough rent time to go to Pasir Ris park.

It started to drizzle, and this is where there is no more photos, as i totally water proofed my camera and its too cumbersome to take out.

We cycled at a constant 27 to 30km/h the whole way, and the group spread out again. Darren was doing amazingly well considering he was riding a tandem bike.

Uriah had a cramp midway thru the long straight road, so i stayed back to wait.

We cycled at 30+km/h to join Billy and JQ ahead of us. Just as we were reaching the same toilets that we stopped at before, we saw gabriel on the floor.

Apparently, Chris's bicycle seat suddenly dropped down to the lowest height, causing gabriel to think that chris was stopping, so he jammed the brakes, but the brakes were switched, so he went to jam the front brakes instead, flipping him off the front of the bike and caused him to land on his arm.

Surprisingly, no road rash. But he could not pivot his arm, so we walked to the nearby shelter while Chris and Uriah cycled off to get Darrens Tandem bike to pick gabriel up, as he could not ride his own bike as his arm was painful.

So after waiting a while, we cycled back and met the rest, and decided to go to parkways polyclinic.

They gave him an arm sling and told him to go to Changi General Hospital. then they gave gab a cast and told him to go back in a few weeks and stuff.. damn.. so no more sports for gabriel for a few weeks...sigh.

TiongKiat and I left the guys at guys at parkway as we had to cycle our bikes back.

Anyway, was really happy with today, except of course, gabriels falling and everything.
Tiong Kiat was really good, im sure he can keep up with Darren, Chris or JQ if we did a really fast run... and his balance has also improved as he dint fall at all.. yup surprisingly.

Im happy that the rest managed to keep 27km/h on the return journey, as i myself even consider 25km/h fast. I guess i can trust this group in the future, if we were to do another more dangerous route..

Well of course, not chris though. he always screws up any plans to stay in formation.. hahah..

and i pity tiong kiat and gabe now.. Tiong kiat has to work after cycling for a meager $4/hr at subway while gabe has to contend with his cast..sigh.

cycled the same route today, and me and tk did exactly 60km. i think the rest did 40km++


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