Monday, February 9, 2009

The Elusive Mr Shushi.

Today was supposed to be an uneventful day, no outings whatsoever, however, whenever i say never, its always neither. er.. shit cant thinker of another word startering with er..

Screw that.

Ignore my first paragraph and read from here.

Yup, Supposed to be an uneventful day with no outings planned. Last min found out that Jia Qing and Billy are going to Sim Lim Square area, decided to tag along since its really near my house.

Before that though, I played rfactor (a racing game) with Graeme and Clement over the internet. We decided to play the Singapore track and with the F1 car. But since Clement did not download the F1 mod properly, we were forced to play the only f1 car that came with the game.. which had pretty different physics.

Well it was fun, watching clement crash into corners and go the wrong way. Too bad he dint have skype, if not he would be reciving taunts from me and Graeme through out the game.

While Clement kept crashing into barriers, me and graeme kept spinning, especially me. I was struggling with the lack of traction control as the physics of the car is different- it was easier to spin the car if i accelerated too fast. Graeme spun because of unknown reasons, even tho he had most of the driving aids on, while i had none... well of course, only invulnerabitly, given the nature of 3 stupid guys in the same map driving like well wasted drunks.

Long paragraph there and anyway.... Dint get screenshots as i did not have the screen shot program running at that time.. So we played till 2pm when we all left because we all had our own things to do.

Clement had to await his fate of his appeal to TP Aero engineering, failing that he would have to travell from his house in Semei to Ngee Ann Poly everyday.. But lucky him he got accepted into TP (lucky bastard isnt supposed to be that lucky..hahah.) Im jealous, TP is essentially right next to his doorstep, and also for another reason i wont say..haha)

Graeme had to eat lunch (yeah big whoop)

And i had to go meet the guys at Sim Lim.

Met Jia Qing at Simlim Tower, went sungei road to look at junk, and its a really interesting place.
They sell all sorts of stuff, generally old and second hand stuff.. lol, apparently, while JQ was walking around, one of the sellers ask him in chinese (literal translation):
" eh ah boy, you want blue flim?"
JQ: " What is blue flim"
" You know lar, blue flim..."
JQ "whats that?"
" those making love film lo"
JQ: gives a wtf face

Some fly i took on the floor while waiting for Billy and friends.. Was taken w/o putting my face to the camera, blind shot.. (results were surprisingly good.)

Then Billy came with 2 guys which i totally forgot their name.

Wasted time there, JQ got a bunch of thick rope for 3 bucks. Then after soaking up enough radiation, decided to retire to the air conditioned SLS (sim lim sq). Billy bought a 500gb 2.5" protable hard drive, then walked around to look for screen protector for billys friend. Took a long time. Then walked over to Bugis Junction to find a pool table to play.. but failing.

Walked thru BHG, dint know where we were going, then found a directory.. decided we wanted to go to MR Sushi. Walked around the basement to no avail, walked around BHG first floor for nothing, went to third floor toys section, where JQ wanted to see some gundam models. Pictures tell the story from here...

Jia Qing browsing through Gundam Models.. while the stupid security guard told me no photography.. but like wth lar. wanted to shoot at the fast burst mode at the security guy and ask him "u mean like this ah".. (people who hear the fast burst mode will know how irritating it is when the camera is pointed at you and its on this mode...) but that guy walked away too fast...

A toy which has a button.. when the button is pressed the head spins really quickly.. Lol super stupid and funny..

JQ:" woah billy!girls arcade game! And i can get a card!!!" .

Upon seeing this wheel thing..

Billy goes on to show us how similar the action required to play the game resembles what he does alone at home..

Its a kids arcade! at least teach the kids proper things.. (lol its made by the whimsy company- the "top gun group of companies")

dolphin "shit im so screwed" *gives a forced smile*

Billy and JQ in the "small ding dang" (in an American accent)

Eventually, we went down to B1 and found the Mr sushi in Cold Storage, they took a frigging long time to decide on what sushi to buy, while i took a friggin long time to decide on whether i want to spend 6.30 on beef jerky..

Billy takes his time choosing the sushi, while not long after, i spot the beef jerky rack behind!

Went out to ground level to see everyone taking pictures of something, having my camera in hand, i went to take pictures of this:

Fai-yah! (in a chinese dude accent)


*man pushes his way forcefully thru the crowd with a fire hose*

and proceeded to water the plants..
firefighting fail. (and photography fail)



Not at all.. flames start to become as intense as it first was again..

we were still laughing our heads off at the firefighting fail with the water hose..

More fire extinguishers (they used up 3 earlier already..)


They finally get a proper working hose and hose it down..

After that, we went off to the arcade (not the kids one) and wasted time there. I finally left them to go home for dinner while they continued to play L4D..


Yeah.. from the original plan of going to watch movies and playing pool, changed to wasting hours finding Mr sushi, haiz.. we are a sad bunch. hahah


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