Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Cycle to Changi Village

So i told my mom that i was going off to cycle in East Coast this morning.

Unexpectedly, she also wanted to tag along, her incentive, being the nasi lemak in changi village.

I said ok, its like 30km there. Then total distance 60km.

She said fine and we got ready to get out.

Was uneventful, cept that she kept complaining that the seat was too high and stuff like that.

Oh yeah, and while passing near the Kallang Sea Sports Centre, i met up with the CJC Orientation group, boarding busses. While wading through the crowd, i met Wei Loong (Mshs dude). Said Hi and Cool, while he blabbered on about only 25 mshs ppl went to CJ and that there were lots of CHIJ Girls there. Lucky Bastard.. lol

Other than that, was really cautious to take the safer routes that i usually take, so it took more time than it should to arrive at East Coast Park. Anyway, cycled all the way till the big pond, where my mom wanted to rest, so i took a few pictures, and was totally unsuccessful at getting good results..

Here are some of the pics..
East coast pond, should be familiar to you..

The pond again..

The Dragonfly in the pond.. Ultra cropped..

Some fly with flower

Then we cycled on to Bedok Food Center, or something else that looks like a Food Center, that one in East Coast. Ate then left for Changi Village.

Before reaching there, there was this long straight road that runs parallel to the Changi runway, heres the pic:

Straight road...

"map" Red line is our path to changi village (top of "map") Green line is the 6lane road.


And at the end, there was this 6 lane road that led to the naval and airforce base on the newly reclamied land.

Took pictures of this road until the security guard noticed us and commanded us to GTFO and "no cameras", then he raised his walkie-talkie presumebly to send backup.

Well we did get out, and luckily, there was no backup or whatnot, continued on our way to Changi Village.

Reached there, Took Photos, Got dissapointed because the Nasi Lemak store was not "ready" or open yet, Called Graeme to laugh at his wasted trip to Clements house, Met Maris Stella Pri Sch kids, Took Pictures, Cycled back.

taken at changi beach.. used flash to light up the seat.. the people there muz think im crazy..

Coconut tree and warship/supply ship

Sand and crab diggings, looks like the shape of a fly or something, but the more i look at it, the more it creeps me out..


Changi Beach (shit or isit something else..maybe i think its changi beach but its not?)

Rock, mistake there as there is no real "subject".. bad photo.. but still colourfully nice..

Water cooler.. yes im too free..

Flowers on the beach.. i would have wanted more foot steps, like 4 of them walking into the distance.. but too bad theres none.. Flowers were not planted by me. it was on the beach when i arrived.

ParaGliding dude.. or something..

Changi village, bridge and flower..

Flower and blurred background.. Blurred e background too much.. not a good shot.

Dead tree with dark clouds in the background.

baboo singh shop.. I used to think baboo singh was a fake name until now.. woah

Super Straight road..

On the way back, it started to drizzle and rain, took photos in the lull, then it rained again, decided to push through the rain, but it just got heavier and heavier. Was forced to stop at the shelter to add more "waterproofing" to my camera before we continued on. Then we saw VJC orientation group(i think) running through the heavy rain (those poor bastards). Yup. Rain stopped, reached the end of East Coast.

My bike, took it while at the food center.

More of my bike..

Disk brakes...

Cat on the edge.. like being electrocuted.

The beach(East Coast), before it started to rain again..
Where the sunset was supposed to be.. but no! said the rain.

Was about to congratulate my mom through the fact that she fell only once (which was my fault because i was rushing for the shelter, and went from the pavement onto the grass, suddenly realising too late that the height difference was quite high, made it ok but then my mom followed the same path, thinking its safe. So of course -bam-),when she fell like 3 times on the same stretch of pavement, equalling Tiong Kiats all time high of 5 falls in total.

First was a small ledge that was really easy to go over, she lost too much momentum and fell. Then a car blocked her way,which in panic, braked and fell. Then the third time, around some corner or something.. Sigh.

Took the really really safe route, which involved lots of walking with the bike, and vowed never* to bring a noob to East Coast again.

The people who i brought around on bikes so far, and the number of falls:
1. Dong = 0
2. Gabe = 0
3. Graeme = 0 (cant rmb.. and its a really short trip, so does nt really count)
4. My Cousin = 1
5. Mom = 5
6. Tiong Kiat = 5

Lol and Tiong Kiat... Hes the funniest stupidest guy in cycling lar..
Turns a tight corner = fall
Turns another tight corner = overshoots off into the grass
turns a average corner = Fall
Turns after the zebra crossing = Crash into bikes
Goes along a straight path = Falls and rolls several times (according to him he was trying to adjust his pants.. then the handle somehow rolled or something then he was on the floor rolling.. LOL)

And to recall that trip with tiong kiat and daniel to downtown east (he was using my spare bike), we managed to plan a day, then as we were bored of the usual east coast to changi thing, decided to go to Bedok, then after Daniel led us around some roads, reached Downtown east. Im not quite sure what we did there or ate, we then turned around and went back using the park connector along the track, which i insisted was faster. But eventually they strayed again, and along a straight path beneath the tracks, tiong kiat did his fall/ tumble thing.. Pictures: hahha
The funniest thing is, he fell so many times, but dint get one scratch at all!

Tiong Kiat, emoing at some canal that we passed by

Tiong Kiat picking his bike after falling.. on a straight path..(daniel and i almost died laughing)

Ok totally random. Guess it really has a 2 kg load.. (found this near downtown east)

Oh and forgot to say, the best sound i've heard so far, was the takeoff powerup sound from the Boeing 777 Aircraft. Undescribable, just hearing it makes my stomach flutter with excitement.
The F1 Engines come in at a noisy second.


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