Thursday, February 26, 2009

blah blah yada yada. past 2 days crap lar part 2/3

Right, so wednesday was the day where the rest of the guys went for the medical checkup. But as I am not going on that day with them, i was somewhat free.

So, i decided to help out my sis with some weird stuff with her committee that she had.

Was initially really reluctant to travel all the way to NUS and back again, but well, in the end i did.

It was fun, but the people there were somewhat not really outgoing, probablly because of the age gap but like, whatever lar.

So took some photos for them, said some really weird stuff, making them think that Im as crazy as my sister.. well i am, so yeah.

Here are some of the photos, and Gabriel, dont post them on facebook.
Oh yeah, and for the committee, if you want me to take down these photos, i'll gladly do so. (well not really gladly.. haha) im only posting cool shots lar..

I Was Here too.


along some cool wall..

After that, we (as in me and my sister) ate at munchie monkey and the food there was good! especially their pizza.. yummmm.

Did some weird shots of my sis then, and felt that it was really funny..hahah.

Waiter gives her a plate of 2 pizza slices..

hmmm.... thats not right...

totally confused..

Then proceeds to serve her her desert.. half eaten.

Then gives her a cup of water, of course, half finished...

After that, my sis showed me around her hostel and we went to the rooftop, where i took photos of the stars there, and some pano, which im too lazy to merge and its not really nice anyway.

Did some weird stuff with long exposures and the tripod, which caused my sis to laugh at the sight of me swinging the camera about crazily on the tripod..hahah

Skies, im not sure if you can see the stars (as in the ones that you usually dont see), but there was a ton of them around the north pointing star thingi that i totally forgot the name.

Cool shot, done by twisting the camera back and forth, then pointing it at my sis for 4 more sec.. looks like it was shot thru a pexi glass screen..

yeah, did the twisting thing again...

tried to draw lots of stuff, this was vaguely successful...

tried to sign with it... well, dint turn out well either..

Yay, cleared another blog post.. now gonna type out part 3 :)


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